You Can’t Mention Top Two Artistes In Upper East Region Without My Name – Cypid

Talented Ghanaian singer, Cypid blows his own trumpet as he suggests that his name will be in either the number 1 or 2 spot when top 2 artistes are going to be mentioned.

I think that it is because sometimes people have very mundane lives and don’t have any remarkable achievements to talk about. Therefore, the only way that many people have to ‘stand out is via how they present themselves to the masses and so on. So people promote themselves based on what they passively presume rather than what they do because what they do is not of enormous significance or interest to most other people. Cypid’s case is different from the aforesaid.

Though he hasn’t been in the music landscape for long, there are a lot of achievements he has been able to amassed to his name. Touring the capital of the Upper East Region and some popular streets, with a popular question of which names are the biggest names in the region when music is the topic of discussion, only that time you will attest to it that he has made an impressive name.

The talented singer stated unequivocally that it is highly anticipated that his name will be part of the top two biggest artistes in the region, in a politely offensive manner, one can’t mention the top two artists without his name.

Cypid’s subjective belief was prompted by a question presented by entertainment journalist Mr. Sammy Flex on the position one would rate him musically in the region.

Diving into whether language is a barrier in music or not, Cypid believes it is a barrier but one can break the barrier depending on how he or she packages the goods (music) to make it look enticing to the consumers.

Opinion “With the power of the internet, more individuals have been exposed to different cultures from all around the world. People have gained a fixation for things in other places they find odd but interesting due to them being unique. With instant translators in the palms of our hands, language is becoming less of a problem. The mixing of cultures has been demonstrated in the music industry and has recently gained a lot of attention.

Due to the world charts being more diverse, it has become a lot more possible in the music industry for artistes who don’t sing primarily in English to succeed outside their own country.”

Perfect examples of artistes who have made it in music despite singing predominantly in their local tongues are most celebrated Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie who is been recognized as one of Africa’s most successful rappers by rapping in ‘Twi’ , a local Ghanaian language understood by roughly 85% of the Ghanaian population, top-tier Tanzanian multi-talented musician Diamond Platnumz who has also made a worldwide name through the predominant use of Swahili.

Cypid is working on an EP that will be out before the end of 2022.


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