“Yahoo Reduced Cultism In Universities Campuses”

A tweet surfaced online from a Nigerian man identified as TopeSoft making a case for Yahoo against Cultism on university campuses and young ones in general,

The issue of Cultism and its wrong impact in universities and the society at large had trended yesterday on Twitter, and many people have weighed in on the matter.

Many social media users also recalled their time in school and the experience they had with cultists – long story cut short, it was not a very pleasant experience for them.

However, TopeSoft feels “yahoo” has reduced cultism in University campuses in Nigeria, as one “non-violent” crime replaced a previously violent crime, he said.

He said, “I think Yahoo reduced cultism in the university campuses and even amongst the young people generally. One crime replaced another. But only that this one is non violent. Boys discovered they could be doing jazz to get money instead of using it for some gun control. Lmao”

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