Wonderful places to visit as a tourist in Ghana

Ghana is a stunning, culturally rich nation that is situated in western Africa. It is a little nation with wonderful tourist attractions to share with the globe. Ghana is also recognized as one of the world’s most peaceful nations, with residents who are joyful and full of hope. Ghana is a fantastic destination for tourists with its warm people, vibrant cities, and sunny beaches. It also has simple ways for visitors to get around the entire country.

There are many things to do as a tourist in Ghana. You can choose to visit certain places, stay indoors and have fun. Indeed, you could even look to watch and bet on sports that are being played in the country or around the world on betting sites that are listed on a site where you can experience betting without restrictions on some of the safest platforms possible as the country is extremely passionate about its sport and is something a tourist to the African nation needs to experience for themselves!

With that being said, here are some wonderful places to visit as a tourist in Ghana. 

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park, which is revered as the park of the country, is a place that any tourist should visit. Located on the southern coast of Ghana, it has a 145 square meter area (specifically the Central Region of Ghana).

The park contains animals like antelopes and elephants, but also a wide variety of other threatened species are available in the park. With a canopy suspended in the air, it offers you a perspective above the trees and enables you to admire the natural surroundings.

National Museum of Ghana

Here, numerous exhibitions are devoted to the Atlantic Slave Trade and the lives of Africans that were permanently altered as a result. This is the place to go if you want a thorough explanation of the anthropological diversity of contemporary Ghana.

You can learn how to weave Kente cloth at this Museum, examine traditional household items, artwork, and royal Ashanti tools, and gain insights into people from the past and today.

Boti Falls

Waterfalls constantly draw visitors from all over the planet, whether it be Ghana or from far-flung destinations, with Boti Falls one of those that continues to see this type of tourism. It is a historical Ghanaian attraction that can be found in the Eastern Region, 17 kilometers northeast of Koforidua.

Ghana is not complete without Boti Falls, as it is an integral part of the nation’s history. The upper and lower falls of Boti Falls are said to be represented by a man and a woman, or twins, according to a legend.

Labadi Beach

Labadi, arguably Accra’s most well-liked beach, is the ideal city beach for tourists. There are excellent meals and drinks available, along with live local entertainment and lots of entertaining people.

Be aware that there is a minor admission fee for those not staying at the nearby hotels, since they are responsible for maintaining the beach.

Cape Coast

One of Africa’s most important cultural locations is Cape Coast, a former capital of a European colony. The town was formerly the biggest slave trafficking hub in West Africa and was originally known by the Portuguese as Cabo Corso.

Cape Coast is predominantly a fishing community nowadays, with an artistic feel. The streets are ideal for leisurely strolls because they are lined with old colonial buildings.


There are many fantastic places to go as a tourist in Ghana, and this article only highlights a few possibilities. Remember to always have vast information about any place before going, and have your maps with you.

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