Woman’s lips disfigured after botched filler procedure

A woman has been brutally mocked online due to her swollen lips after treating herself to cosmetic injections.

Briana Garabet, from Los Angeles in US, wanted to achieve fuller and plumper lips so she decided to pay to get a lip treatment over the Thanksgiving weekend.

However, soon after she came out from the beauty parlour, she felt her lips swelling up on her way back home.

When she took off her face mask hoping to see the lips she wanted, the 22-year-old was shocked to see her lips looking disfigured.

She posted photos online and joked: “Am I mask-fishing?”

“You guys, I just got lip filler and it’s so f***ing swollen. Is this bad?” she added.

Some assured her that the swelling will go down with time but others mocked her.

One user asked: “Did you ask for the bird look?”

Another said: “Giving Grinch for Christmas.”

Fortunately, the swelling has started going down, according to Briana.

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