Woman Beats Her Baby Father Using MMA Moves (Watch Video)

Girl Beating Her Baby Father In Viral Video

A New Jersey woman is being lauded as a hero for fighting against her babys father, using MMA moves to take him down and then ground and pound him.

According to reports, the woman is claiming (on social media) that she was merely defending herself and her actions are justified. And boy was she defending herself.

In the video, the woman takes down her babys father, with a leg sweep.

Her babys father tries his best to take her down, using a single leg takedown – but the woman shows an impressive takedown defense.

The woman continues punching her baby daddy in the head, until she sees an opening and takes his back – a complicated MMA maneuver rarely used outside of professional circles.

The woman hooks her legs around her child’s father – to make sure he can’t escape – and ground and pounds him until the mans friends break it up.

Watch the video below:

Girl Beating Her Baby Father In Viral Video

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