Why Women Live Longer And Healthier Than Men

According to Times magazine, women tend to live longer than men across the world, and women’s extra years tend to be a healthy ones. World Health Organization (WHO) research finds that women can expect to live healthy without major diseases or injury for many years. Different countries have different live spans, this is largely due to poor living standards which limit the quality and quantity of food and medication.

Men are more likely to smoke, be overweight or drink excessively. They are also less likely to seek medical help early or be non-adherent to treatment if diagnosed. Accidental deaths, those caused by assault, poisoning, transport accidents, falls and drowning, are particularly high among young males.

Research from Duke University found that men have elevated levels of the male sex hormone testosterone which is associated with risky behaviours. It decreases immune function and increased the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Women have more estrogen hormone that can prevent DNA damage that leads to disease.

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