Why Should Akufo Addo Get Angry Over This: Massive Reaction As Tilapia Drops A Rare Cartoon Art

Tilapia the cartoonist in his quest to depict and paint out using his artistic module in protecting trending political and socioeconomic issues has drafted himself onto the Facebook trends for today.

Ghanaians have got into his art highlighting how the president of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo wearing a frown on his face shows an enormous sign of discontent.

Ghanaians in their reaction to this post pointed out that it’s rather a sign in the right direction. Ghanaians believe the directives given to the African Presidents with Nana Addo inclusive are fairly a savior to the taxpayers.

African Presidents were tasked to ride in one bus and also not to use any private jet to the funeral service of the late Queen Elizabeth of England.

Here are comments generated by Ghanaians in association with the post:

• The white ones are okay because they frequently do so but the black guys are suffering because it’s strange to them. Go and learn humility and come back with new ideas. The Bible says He shows mercy to the humble but the proud He resists.

• African leaders can start practicing this in their various countries. MPs and ministers should be using one bus to work. If you want to use your private car, the state should allow you to fund it from your pocket. After all, we don’t see any better performance from them.

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