Why I Converted to Christian Despite Being Daughter Of An Islamic Scholar – Zainab Reveals

I am Zainab, a mother of three. This is my story.

I was born and bred in Ilorin to the family of a great Islamic Scholar. I was given both Islamic and western Education. I was very versed in the recitation of the Qur’an and I do teach some of my mates in the school.

My parents were so proud of me because of my sound understanding of Islam, they promised to give me a surprise gift when it’s time for me to get married. I was not only versed in the recitation of the Qur’an, I was also a brilliant student.

My love for Islam made me promise myself that I will not marry any man that is not a Muslim because I could not imagine myself practicing another religion, that made me keep a lot of Muslim friends and I hardly talk to any man that I know is not a Muslim.

When it was time for me to get married, I had a lot of suitors but the Muslims ones were married men and I have vowed never to be a second wife, I don’t mind being the first wife though. The single men that approached me were Christians and I didn’t give them attention.

As time went on, I couldn’t find a single Muslim guy to propose to me. One day I was at the supermarket and a young man approached me and said the teslim (Islamic way of greeting), I replied him and we got talking, we exchanged contacts and became friends.

We did talk regularly for about a month after which he told me his intention, he said he had watched me and he was very pleased with me and will like me to be his wife. I asked him if he was a prctising Muslim, he said he was a Muslim but he was not a very practicing one that he hopes to learn more from me, I told him its not a problem since he was willing to learn, so I accepted his proposal.

After three months he introduced me to his parents and they welcomed me, they never showed any sign of disinterest in me, that gave me a settled mind. One thing I noticed was that there was nothing to show that they were Muslims but I ignored it because there are some people like that. I also introduced him to my parents and they accepted him.

We got married not long after in a grand style and my parents surprised me with the gift of a new house. They said they were glad that I had to be patient enough to find a good man for myself.

On the night of our wedding day, my husband knelt before me to ask for my forgiveness, for something he was about to reveal to me,

I was confused and asked him what revelation was he about to tell me that could warrant him seeking for my forgiveness, he asked me to promise him that I will forgive him and not leave him. I said I will forgive him whatever it might be.

He told me he had never been a Muslim that though his parents were once Muslims but they converted before he was born, that his grandparents gave him the Muslim name.

I was shocked, he said he pretended to be a Muslim because he knew I would never marry him if he had told me the truth, he said he loves me and didn’t want to lose me that I should please forgive him. I was furious with him and just left him and went to the guest room and locked myself inside, I cried myself to sleep because I felt betrayed. In the morning I woke up to see him sitting at the door of the guest room, he immediately went on his knee to beg me, I told him I forgave him and I was not going to leave him, because we signed a life contract and I love him to look beyond his shortcoming. He promised not to force me to change my religion, that I was free to practice my religion. We lived happily ever since.

One year later, my mother-in-law cane visiting and told me that it was time for me to start following them to church, I told her she know I couldn’t because I was not ready to practice their religion, she said if I was going to stay married in their family I must become one of them fully, that they can’t have me practice another religion aside theirs. I told my husband and he said I should be patient with her, that she already told him but he didn’t oblige that was why she came to me herself.

My mother-in-law kept on disturbing me amd even called a family meeting on me, they all resulted to me choosing between my marriage and my religion, I was already heavily pregnant and I couldn’t obviously leave my marriage, so I accepted their choice. I never told my parents what was going on, because I was afraid they might ask me to leave the marriage.

When I had my child, we did the naming in the church, that was when my parents got to know what was really happening, they were angry at me for not telling them what was going on, I begged them to forgive me that I didn’t want to bother them with my plight. My father said there is nothing they could do about it that since the situation is not life threatening, the decision of my husband and his family supercedes theirs and that I should take it as my fate and continue to be a submissive wife to my husband.

Ever since I became a christian, my mother-in-law had been so good to me, she took me just like her daughter and we never quarrel on anything, we virtually agreed on everything. I am now carrying my third child and happy in my marriage. My parents have been good to me because they knew it was not my intention to leave the religion, it was just fate. Though I still go by my Muslim name, I didnt get a christian name and I gave all my children Muslim names.


  1. Though I acknowledge her right to decide what’s best for herself but the fact is, Zainab and her parents were never true Muslims period.

  2. Write your comment here…i am muhammad saidu tasau! zainab may (Allah)have mercy on you&show you the true ligth b/c no true muslim will converted to chritianity,and the true religion in the sight of (allah)is islam dont agree to die unless you are a devouted muslim’no true muslim will converted to christianity zainab.

  3. ”JESUS” Is the son of God and faithful saviour for every creatures of human being, heaven and earth. For Whom repent and acept JESUS Christ will gain the enternal life. IJN

  4. Madam I would not condemn you, what I understand in your story is that there’s atmosphere of love peace and understanding in the family you got married to and you equally find out that Christianity is a religion of peace and love…..a religion that does not forcefully converts thereby allowing you to make your choice

  5. Subhanallah!!!!! You better come back to your Islamic religion if not you will forever be a looser and hell fire is waiting for you👌👌👌 I pity you dear 😥😥😥

      1. The lord is gnd all the time through ur husband u knw the christian is the religion that is gave u enternal life

    1. Zainab, the simple fact is that you were fraudulently deceived by your lover boy. You can imagine that you have to be heavily pregnant before he unveiled his devilish deception. God chose those who are to be His people, It is a pitty that you are not one even though you were from a Muslim family. That is your portion remember even Satan was formerly a Muslim

    2. So you choose your marriage over your religion, I decided to disobeyed your God to pleases your husband’s parants. You definitely get it wrong, better you repent and reconvert to your original religion

  6. Try and understand that from Genesis to Revelation; Prophet ISA (JESUS) never claimed to be CHRISTIAN nor new anything about Christianity when he was alive nor JUDAISM. From Bible, prophet ISA (JESUS) is a complete MUSLIM and SERVANT of Almighty ALLAH. Forget about being sentimental; ZAENAB, truth always bitter; you are not a true Muslim and for you to enter eternal life, you have to be a MUSLIM according to Bible.

    1. You said what you have no knowlage of It If you did not please go Back And learn of you are saying ,
      Stop Deasiving Yourself
      She Have Made Good Disstion
      For You I pray for you Accept Jesus As Your Lord And Savoir
      Wishing Good lock in year 2022
      To The True and it Shall Safe You.

    2. Lies. .. have you ever read a single book of the Bible? Try it you will surely see the light of Christ. Read
      Acts 11:26.
      You don’t need to called yourself Christian, but the name will follow you based on your deeds. Jesus called his followers with different good names.

    3. Subhannallah, u should come back to islam so that you will succeed because this is religion of ur lord.
      Christianity is not but party religion (dancing and singing) no one will practice it and die on it except he /she regret. Never die on this astray path, come back to ur lord and submit to him ,ask for forgiveness he his forgiver and most merciful.
      He will provide for u in the way u don’t expect. And who ever put his trust on Allah , he is sufficient for him.

      1. MR ABDULBAQ, think twice before you insult christianity religion. This religion christian saved the whole world including your prophet. It is hard for you islam to see light, have you ever see vision beside what you know about vision, jesus is your savior wheither you like it or not.

      1. Mr Abdul afeez or whatever you call your self, you better don’t let me command the earth to swallow you there, there is authority and power vested upon by the Almighty God. The woman Zainab has made her decision and that is final, no going back on foolishness, As for you, you better repent or you make hell at last and die with your stupid prophet that already in the grave.

  7. Pls when narrating ur story always have it in mind that the readers ll observe some point in ur statement u made mention of wedding 💑…qst how it takes place, in the church ⛪ or mosque 🕌 because both 2 religious have it own way of wedding which u must know the difference, being and educated person western an Islamic, to conclude during the wedding u must know his religion .ok, since u have married him and ur parents didn’t opposed u for being a Christian don’t mind anyone concentrate in doing the right. haven internal life is not by calling ur self a Christianity or Muslim concentrate in doing things that is good .I wish you happy marriage 💑

    1. Religion or no religion, you’re a good man Isah, you have a very balanced disposition of life and what we call religion

  8. The story captured my attention which had me read it devotedly.
    Madam, you will make a good housewife and your parents are good people too who never allowed you to be mislead. A wrong advice from your parents could have changed the narratives wrongly.
    May God help you and your family.

    1. have you forgotten how Christians do cooked their lies to call the attention of unsuspected people.look at what dramas they do perform in the name of miracles during their crusades.pls,don’t believe their stories

    2. You are a woman with a good heart. May God bless you, your parents and your present family, as well as grant you eternal peace. 🙏

      1. My sister I don’t have anything to say than to tells you that you have lost total if truly you understand your Deen you could have loose the marriage is better to leave marriage than to be in problem infront of your creator.

        1. Thanks Wasiu, to leave your Creator and join somebody in the name of love, forgetting Allah is the best provider,cherisher & nurisher and claiming you came from the house of Islamic scholar, educated in both Islamic and western!!!!!!Cock and bull story.Your narration is inlogical try another story.

    3. Indeed, you have taken a quality decision ever by having a Christian husband who in turn converted you to Christian Church. That is a way to eternal life. Having known and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, being God Himself.and whomsoever that has accepted Jesus who is in turn God has accepted eternal life and is automatically safe.



  10. One qtn I may ask, if religions are to serve one God that we believe the creator of heaven and earth, we all know right, who among any of the converts ie Muslim to Christianity or Christianity to Muslim died,ressuracted and confessed publically to distinguish between either of the religion is false practice, why none of us saw God unless you believe which results through faith, when He servers, He servers generously and everyone which route is right or wrong, take in account the creation story, there’s no distinguisation of the two religions, first and furmost the two parties all believe Jesus and his way preaching regardless of how the other takes Jesus being, I mean one believe He is son of God and other He is prophet, Jesus that we all believe existed has typical lineage that is alike with Old testments that both religions know, is how humans come to existence,He preached everything that all these relegions are preaching to date ie love one another, forgive one another, don’t worship any other God apart from Him the almighty, why do we fight, one logic, many ways of making money but called at the end the same name money, the Christianity faith said only Jesus the Christ which means the saviour because he performed miracles that Muslims will ever believe happened and Muslims believe no one else except Prophet Muhammad of which God the almighty has never condemned the two personalities to be wrong, the truth is your faith judges you wrong, not that when change religion there’s penality for it, not there at all, you learn how to speak your local language right the time you were given birth to, trust me, you will always find difficulty in learning and how to speak another language, it’s all up to us as humans to help others to discover who God is, let’s not confuse in process to been superior or the rightous, let’s not write these Holy Books in foreign languages, not to limit others understand who God is, let’s fight for peaceful co -existence, I pray hard one time there will be peaceful inter-marriage between two religions, peace be upon those who believe in Him, Amen, Ameen.

    1. Rubbish,woe unto you you’re so-called parents ànd you hàve not been practicing Muslims either, otherwise you would not have ventured into that shallow marriage of convenience.

      1. Christianity has been hijacked by the devil. Most of them don’t preach what Jesus said. A true Christian must follow all what Jesus said, he said;
        We must love each other
        We must forgive each other
        We must worship his God or Father in spirit and in truth. He never said worship me.
        We must follow all what Jesus said.
        Then we will qualify to be called a Christian. The devil knows this and so he has planted the part where most Christians have come to believe that Jesus is equal to God Almighty and that we must worship him. And the devil gives power to perform miracles to anyone who believes Jesus is Almighty, so that many may perish. In fact Jesus himself said he will tell them to ‘get out’ for doesn’t know their works. There works of the devil branded in the name of Jesus.
        Please pay attention to what is written in the old testament, the Almighty revealed him self to the prophets in clear terms, not in the form of Trinity. In fact there were false Trinity gods even back then.
        Pay attention to how Jesus revealed his father to us. He said he is not far from us. He will grant us our wishes in his time, through his son, our saviour, Jesus Christ. In fact Jesus call His father as, my GOD.

          1. You are a jehovah’s witness and that is why you talk like this… Jesus Christ said iam the way the truth and the life,no one comes to the father except through me… Jesus Christ said again that I and my father are one…that if u have seen the only begotten son of God you have seen him too,if you believe in the same son you have believe in the father also.

        1. Oga Martin, but Jesus’s said if you know me you know the father, if you love me you love the father because I and the FATHER ARE ONE. Didn’t you read that MARTIN? Sorry I know you are not reading the Bible

      1. Steve do you believe the Bible?If yes,then see Gen2:26,Gen3:22(explain the the meaning of US);I am waiting for your reply.

    2. I doubt the truthfulness of the story. It is must have been fabricated. Assuming the story is true, zainab you have contradict yourself. You said you have Islamic knowledge and you accepted Christianity just for the sake of marriage !!! You are joking. May Allah grant you correct knowledge to know that Christianity is a false region that no one should die on it.

  11. It’s so sad unfortunately, you’re not good follower in Islam if not there’s a verse in the holy Qur’an Allah forbidden Muslim women believer to married unbeliever.
    It’s not fault we are following what’s our religion taught us like you doing, so to me, do your own and do our own (religion).
    We are all descendent from Prophet Adam, Nuh, Hud, Saleeh, Dawood, Solomon, Ishaq, Yaqoob, Yusuf, Ayub, Zulkiful, Yunus, Musa, Haroon, Abraham, Ismael, Zakaria, Yahya, Isah (Jesus), and Muhammad (PBUH). We Muslims believes all prophets without exception.

    May the Almighty God spare us from the hands of the ugly ones 🙏

  12. Well, I disagree with this story as well Muslims do convert to Christians but not as in this story she should have given a genuine reason for her conversion, according to the story she is just practicing Christianity because she’s forced to do so, and for a person to call himself a particular religion follower one has to believe and be submissive to dat religion not as how she acted, and for the man he did not love her as how some of my dear brothers here mentioned if he does he nd his parents will never force her to leave her religion this story is a fictional one so please don’t worry yourself I ask Almighty God to help us stick to our faith and guide us unto the straight path not the part of those who go astray…

    1. Ur story is ugly ,so u prefer ur marriage to Allah, Allah has tested u and u have failed the test. May Allah guide u out of this darkness.

  13. Having a Muslim name doesn’t qualify some one to be a Muslim. There is different between nominal Muslims and real Muslims. Both daughter and parents were never a Muslim

  14. The fact is that only the woman knows what she wants in a man. And when she sees it, then religion count less. From her background, she might have not been enjoying free association which is part of the muslim culture if not for now. In the 80s, I school in the far .north, it was very difficult for a muslim girl to interact with a man either muslim or Christian not because she is not interested but because of fear persecution.. Thank God for the enlightenment of the present day. At times when I watch some muslim girls and the level of their social lives now, I always glorify God. No God creation bother much about religion when it comes to relationship except man. We proved to be the most sensible not knowing we are not. Why? God created man in his image and likeness, and God is love. We human supposed to be like our father God who love all of us in respective of our religious background. Life is changing . All this religious inforcement will fade away. All human will have ability to make their choice. The most important aspect of life is that one should be happy until the day God call him back home. If she is really happy with her marriage, let it be so.

    1. Thank you for this word life is by choice, we are not created to be a Muslim or Christian, we are to live our lives as God being, God is Love if any one proof to know God, let them display love above religion name , Love is a true religion, for God so loved the world And give His only son, not in the name of religion, but to save the world from destruction, Muslim means, believer, while Christian means followers of Christ, Christianity is not religion, but living after godliness in all things, thanks and God bless,

  15. Have you ever seen person escape from hell fire n to be advised him 4 his returning? I tell you today she get luck on her entire life circle.

    1. You see Madam Zainab you are a good house wife and a faithful Muslim. God of Abraham and Issac and Jacob shall continue to bless you and you household.
      Your husband was very unfaithful unto you and he has breached the contract. I am a Pastor, I speak nothing but the truth. He is not faithful.
      All the same, I think it was God who used him to convert you into Christianity. This God who did this wonderful work has something to use you to do in Christian community.
      I advise you to stay put in your marital home. Continue be submissive unto your husband and the new faith in which you found yourself. You have a brighter future as time goes on.
      Remain blessed In Jesus name Amen.

    2. Both Christians and Muslims are descendants of Abraham our father of faith. Those fighting in the name of religion do not know who is God.

  16. I am quite sure that this story is a fiction. There is no way the lady would not have seen the signal that the guy is a christian all along. That aside, whether you are a christian or muslim, remember one thing, nobody came into this world deciding that he or she is going to fall into either of the religion by choice. You are a christian or muslim by your confirmation because of the origin of your birth. More importantly, you know a real christian or muslim by your practice and devotion to the faith you proclaim. Also, note that a devote christian or muslim will never marry outside his or her faith. Finally, any marriage that is planted on falsehood, it will take the grace of God for such union to be established. A friend of mine who happens to come from a muslim home, he has an alhaji and alhaja as father and mother, today he is a pastor in the church and all his siblings are now christian convert, findings reveals that his father was a christian before marrying his mother who came from a strong muslim home and was compelled to marry her if he really loves her. What is the lesson, what God has done, do not undone it. Back to the story, it must be noted that Christian’s be it nominal or devote Christian’s will never force themselves on any partner of other faith because true love is not base on force as thought by the Bible. The word of God through the Bible never teaches us to impose our faith by force on others, you can only win others with love and good character not by force as it is practice by practitioners of other religions. Train up your child in the way of the Lord, when he grows y, he or she will never deviate from it no matter the challenge faced.

  17. The erstwhile Muslim lady wasn’t quite a learned one,neither was she truly a practising one,hence her perception of her previous faith was only “Nominal”. Otherwise,such betrayal from her groom, won’t have been easily swept under the carpet of love & whatever other cosmetised justifications.However,ONLY ALLAH knows who truly believes in HIM, HIS faith&worship HIM aright.May HIS mercy be with us all,as long as we’re alive.And that’s why HE claims HIS name, “Al’Rahman”.

  18. I have never seen a great looser like you Zainab, but you still have a chance to come back to the right way.

    1. You Ibrahim is rather a great looser. You remain in a religion that you know quite ok rhat there is no hope of life after death. Give your life to Jesus as your personal LORD and Saviour, and you will have PEACE with God.

    2. No matter what you say, She is never a loser. God just want it like that. Religion is only a politics. Don’t forget, God may want to use him to save some souls.

    3. Who is this Allah that you are worshipping? Is it not the gods found in Kaaba? Christians worship the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob

        1. Ibrahim Jesus loves you the way of God is different from the ways of man the heart of all Men is in his hands he can use anyone at anytime to fulfill his word God can even change you from Islam to Christine all power belong to almighty God. do you believe?

        2. He is not an idiot at all.God does not employ people to fight on his behalf.He is God who fights for himself.If Allah is God,let him fight for himself.Dont insult anyone on his behalf.Thank u.

  19. U claim ur dad is a devoted Muslim but he is not he doesn’t even know d meaning of islam. Giving ur children Muslim names is just as if u are deceiving urself becus u don’t practice the religion so why give them d name. Yoruba people are always like that, they always claim to be religious but they’re far from it. U will see them in mosque today tomorrow u will see them in church. I was once a member of Nasfat but I stopped because their way of worship is completely different from that of the hausas. They put on revealing clothes to d mosque they dance in the mosque as if is a church.

    1. I strongly advise you to obey your parents if it’s okay by them, that you stick to your hubby!
      Having said that, I’d advise that they, as well as your parents-in-law, should earmark some time to pray for you, and beg GOD to support your marriage and make it achieve GOD’s purpose. I wish you GOD’s grace! 🙏💞😇

      1. And that is y northern Nigeria is not free from religion violence always because they can marry Christian girls but can’t allow their daughters to marry Christian boys

    2. I agree with all you said. This is really not a marriage but living together because it all started with lies. Your so call husband just deceived you, his wali are fake. I am sorry you did not inform your parents on time for them to take the necessary action. It looks like you yourself was just a Moslem in name without knowing the religion and consequences of converting. For your parent to allow it they have also further pushed you to wrong path. I also ? their faith. My dear it is not late for you to salvage your self because your husband is already doomed and he has draged you. I pray that you will one day realize your mistake and Allah will guide you to the straight path- the path of those upon whom Allah have bestowed favor not of those who have earned Your anger or of those who are astray, ameen

      1. No truth in Islam religion Quran is full of lies from the day Satan disobey to served Adam that’s where the full lies started & goes by Adam building kaaba Abraham & Ismael also rebuild the Kaaba & prophet muhammed lineage are from Ismael all these are fabricated stories is not true” Islam religion is false to be straight part to God don’t deceived yourself christian have the true message of God Imams & scholars deceived you not to open up to you because you don’t know how to read Arabic, all these stories about Jesus death & resurrection are in the Quran, they covered it up to black mail Christianity many quran verses are informed to asked Bible to explained if you Muslims don’tve understanding, If you keep on saying Christianity are wrong part I will expose all secrets for your quran Jesus is God in Quran, repent & stop condemning Bible & christians Quran says no God but Allah that’s Idolatry because Allah is not God of the living but of the death, I would have been a devoured Muslim now but I find out Muhammed was a false prophet.

    3. In as much as I like your comment on the sister’s change of faith on the basis of mere deceipt. I don’t like your generalization about Yorubas stance on Islam.

      The story the lady revealed can happen to any one in any tribe, as long as they believe they understand Islam, when truly they do not. Categorizing people on the basis of few experience with individuals is not Islamic. Treat every issue independently without castigating members of their tribe.

      For our sister who was deceived to change her faith, may Allah guide her aright before it’s too late. And for the parents they should know that they’re answerable to their creator on the last day.

    4. Are you claiming the Hausa Muslims are more religious than their Yoruba counterparts? Are all Yoruba Muslims in NASFAT. We have some bad eggs everywhere. I lived in my cities in the North. Hausa ladies present a lot. Their dressings is the only thing that justify the religion. All other bad things are done behind the scenes

    5. your story shows that you are not a good musim initially you just decieved your self,May Allah protect our faith.

    6. Hello Aminat. My attention was captivated by your comment.
      Especially the part where you said you were once a member of Nasfat.
      Where do you belong to now that you’ve left?
      Let’s talk on Whatsapp 09051733122

  20. U and your parents never understand the law of islam that’s y you convert to christian.
    Making ur marriage going or dwelling in hell fire which one is more loved by u?

      1. Do u even know the meaning of u know that a muslim woman can’t marry a christain man..and u even decided to change ur relion just because of ur mother be honest with u ur husband deos not love u..because he is a lair

      2. I want to tell u the truth, prophet Mohammed said,show us the way and Jesus said I am the way of the truth and life and said no one will go to the father except through me (Jesus). Moses (musa in Islam) told his people that, the Lord your God will rise up a prophet like me, whom you will listen to.(Deut 18 vs15) and I want u 2 read (Debut 18 vs18-19)

  21. This is nothing but a fictional lied, how and where did the marriage took place; in the church or mosque, by a pastor or an imam, with Ring or will colanut. Be sincere and vigilant.

    1. I tire ooo my brother…
      Good questions….
      Where did the wedding held???
      In church or in the mosque??
      Was there no diwry presentation??
      Who joined the marriage, a Pastor or an Imam?
      Until these questions are answered else the story is a Tales by Moonlight 🌙

    1. Is a lie,she can not from a decent Muslim family ..and she didn’t even know what is Islam….the marriage itselfis not valid since the husband lied of religion

      1. The author should clap for himself its a nice crafted story , I can’t believe anyone here can possibly believe this,

        1. Your marriage is based purely on deceit, it would’ve been better for you to leave when you knew the truth rather than staying in the marriage, you claimed you understand the deen but you still bowed to pressure from your mother in law to be following them to church? The worst that could happen after you have foolishly forgave your husband probably for the love you have for him would be to practice your religion and they practice theirs and if they can’t bargain with that you pack your load. Rubbish!

        2. God lives and always has a good reasons towards us… Your husband was wrong at first, but since he has reconciled… That’s fine…
          A Muslim can Mary a christian because it is the doing of God!! One God

        3. God lives and always has a good reasons towards us… Your husband was wrong at first, but since he has reconciled… That’s fine…
          A Muslim can Mary a christian because it is the doing of God!! One God

  22. The Muslim young men kept her aging and this Christian guy picked her up with solid love, God is love whosever practice love is a child of God

  23. If someone is betrying me as now he said his mine then you have the second offer which is your religious and what is property said about the marriage then you can follow it not any way againt .

  24. My sister, you are a virtuous lady. Kudos for forgivening the young man. The truth is that he loves you so much, that’s why he wanted to have you by all possible means even against biblical injunction as regards the Christian rules for marriage.
    I know the young man must’ve fasted and prayed and asked Jesus God for forgiveness. I know that it’s not easy. It is ever dangerous in the religious environment we find ourselves in this zoo called Nigeria.
    However, you should be very very happy that you find ourselves amidst Christian environment . Moreover, being a church goer can only make you a religious person. What makes one a Christian is to have an encounter with JESUS the
    ressurected Lord of whole universe. Remember Christianity in not a religion, but God’s answer to mankind: who is a religious animal. The religions of the world are humans effort to get back to God, while Christianity is God showing and drawing man onto Himself
    Therefore, prayerfully seek for an encounter with JESUS the Lord.
    I bet you, even your Moslem parents shall discover God’s supernatural grace upon your life and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.There by becoming prepared candidates for His kingdom.

      1. This is girl is not serious. I don’t think she is from a serious and knowledgeable Muslim family. She would have known that, a Muslim girl is not allowed to marry a Christian. But a Muslim can marry a Christian girl. This is God’s injunction and not ours.

        1. Why can’t a Muslim marry a Christan brother,,but a Muslim man can rather marry a Christian sister? Does that not sound ridiculous to you?

  25. The headline is so deceptive.
    One will think she has found out something about Christianity that proves it’s the true religion from the Creator.
    Secondly, she probably lied about being so versed in the Holy Quran. If it were true then she should know that the moment she discovers that the man lied to her about his religion, that’s the end of whatever contract. Ordinary contracts comes to null and void once it’s discovered that one party has lied, let alone a contract of marriage. Such a serious religious institution?
    No, she has lied. No true practicing Muslim will continue with that marriage once the lies becomes known.
    Now she has choosed worldly pleasures in place of that of the ahira, unknown to her that the ahira is far better and last longest. “Bal thusiruna hayata duniya wal ahiratu hairan wa abka”.

  26. There is no other God except Yahweh God of Abraham. Jesus is out Lord and Saviour. This statement is cnfusing. How could Jesus be your Lord when there is no other God except God of Abraham. Stop deceiving yourself and others There is only one God and he is the Lord of the universe

    1. He is supreme. With Him all things are possible. No true Moslem woman will marry a Christian man inasmuch as no true Christian man will a Moslem woman. But God is supreme than all quotations you have to quote.

  27. I congratulate you so much because God use your marriage as the platform to bring you to salvation. God cannot change. He is the God of Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob. When you have a taste of both you will surely know the differnce.. There is no other God except Yahweh God of Abraham. Jesus is out Lord and Saviour. Now, you have been redeemed. Congrats once agsin.

  28. This is pure lie,cos in Ilorin where I come from we make verifications b4 going for any marriage plan.and we never give in just like that,infact it inposible..I swear

  29. No active Muslim here will ever support the notion in this story due to their hatred on Christians.
    They will only want to hear the opposite (Christians concerting to Islam).
    Religiosity have killed a true human cooperation in our society.

  30. You are an Angel, may God Almighty bless you I wish order ladies will learn from you how to be a wife and a mother despite the fact that your parents are wealth you never see it to be anything to you, my dear you are a blessing to your parents so people will honor you too

    1. There is no compulsion in religion…so says Allah SWT, and ….Allah the Almighty guides whom he wills!

      1. May Almighty Allah bless you for that statement. Y is it that we allow religion to divide us instead of uniting us? As far as am concerned whichever religion we practice, we served d same God

        1. Hey!!! don’t get it twisted, pray for godly wisdom and greater insight the Truth to be revealed to you all, The Light shines in darkness, and darkness comprehends it not……

      2. This is a CAN sponsored propaganda of Ilorin for Christ!
        She is never from Ilorin! However, her parents might probably be staying in Ilorin, because no original Ilorite would allow his or her female child to be deceived into marriage of this type.
        What is her family name and address of their family compound in Ilorin.
        We know ourselves in Ilorin, because we are all related in one way or the other!
        She is an imposter!
        She can never be from Ilorin.
        We welcome Christians in Ilorin but not to the level she fabricated.
        The publisher of this story ought to do a perfect investigative journalism before publishing this fake news.
        It is Islam that represent the face of Ilorin Emirate!

    2. God bless you bros. This is pure lie. So ur parents didn’t do any investigation before you got marry. And also no practicing single Muslim in the whole Ilorin? Kai

  31. Zainab, God will continue to bless you for you to have got a heart of gold. Your marital life have been settled despite all odds. Your parents have been a very God fearing people to have supported you when infact some parents would have called it a jihad. Continue your new way of life and be faithful to God. The Lord Jesus Christ whom you have come to accept will neither leave not forsake you. Be careful of home breakers. Your humility and submissiveness will earn you good life. Jesus cares.

  32. Dere is nothing like truth here, because no Muslim scholar dat can support his daughter’s marriage without trying 2 find out the faith of the man who she’s going 2get married to.. If I may ask, were was the marriage too place? Mosque or church? How does the marriage right performed? In Muslim way or christian way? So how come the wife nd her patents never found out dat the man wasn’t a Muslim? Pls bring a genuine story nd delete dis rubbish nd fabricated lies.

  33. This is not what we call fate,you have sold your hereafter for this transient world cos Allah said die not except as Muslim. I fear for that your marriage that was built on falsehood.

  34. Though love can make anyone to commit blunders but this type is not good for marital union. However I pray God to keep the union and salute the courage of the lady and pray God to keep you together.

    1. Don’t mind dem.. At first he deceived her nd get her wedded.. Secondly he promised not 2 change her religion, now he still betrayed the promise.. How re we sure the blunted lier ain’t the one dat still arranged his family 2 come up with dat idea? Else, wat concern family with his wife faith? Or didn’t day knew dat the girl was a Muslim b4 allowing him 2 marry her? Everything about dat guy is fake nd lies.. Nd any relationship but on deceitful nd lies collapse nd end mysteriously at the end no matter how it appears to be sweet nd peaceful at the starting point.

  35. It’s most unchristian to peddle falsehood in order to get something. That d woman has been tricked is grievous sin committed by d man. D woman too must b personally convicted of her state of being a sinner, repent n accept Jesus as personal Lord n saviour, all effort of mother in law is nullity. After d marriage can b blessed in a church setting. Her making heaven is more important than her marriage. Let her make Jesus her saviour. I know of several cases of Muslim men n women who freely converted to Christianity. But I know it is almost impossible to happen in d North. A Hausa Muslim woman could only do dat in d South, married a Christian n both husband n wife left 4 Canada, where dey live till date.

    1. Odeh David, in which church did Isaac and Rebecca attended or perform their marriage? Are you saying their’s is not marriage?

  36. There’s a difference between being a practitioner of the religion called Christianity and actually being a child of God… Romans 8:9 says…if any man has not the Spirit of Christ,he is none of his.In other words,if you are not born of God, you don’t belong to him.Being a child of God means God’s seed or genes abide in can be a “Christian”all his life and not be born of God…very pathetic!So madam,if you are born of God,and your husband is too, happy are you…but if you are only a Christian,then act immediately.God bless you.i have no word of condemnation for the man,.If truly he’s born of God and yet acted the way he did, he’s already forgiven when Christ died for his sins..
    So let him just move on in raising a Godly home.Its only in Christ we are perfect.In our conducts many times,we miss it.But the sacrifice of Jesus Christ already took care of our misconducts before they happened.We just acknowledge who we are, receive the forgiveness that’s ours in Christ and move on.

      1. Try and understand that from Genesis to Revelation; Prophet ISA (JESUS) never claimed to be CHRISTIAN nor new anything about Christianity when he was alive nor JUDAISM. From Bible, prophet ISA (JESUS) is a complete MUSLIM and SERVANT of Almighty ALLAH. Forget about being sentimental; ZAENAB, truth always bitter; you are not a true Muslim and for you to enter eternal life, you have to be a MUSLIM according to Bible.

    1. But madam what type of marriage was contracted but without s pastor and no Christian’s rite performed,well good and true Christian’s don’t pretend after all you’re never better before but you’re now better in Christ Jesus , welcome to heaven our wife,name is not Faith remember..

  37. Good day to u all. I doubt the reality of this story. Its fictional, why is all identity hidden and no trace of the location of the story. Muslim ladies here should be careful reading this story pls. Its a deceitful plot. I don’t know of a compound in Ilorin that will take it easy just like that let alone a prominent scholar. This story is a suspicion of lie and fallacy. Thanks.

  38. I appreciates your courage and the way God has helped in that marriage, you will not regret it. Others you follow this example.

    1. If U choose to pleased Ur mother in law,and displeased Ur God almighty for the sake of Ur happiness,all goes to U. But the God almighty said U should marry (Ahlul khitab) people of the book mean christian and jews, that instructions goes to a well known knowledgeable Muslim men who can as well makes the women feel to convert to Islam. So with this action of Urs shows that U know nothing about Islam,as for the Islamic home U clam to have come from,my dear I don’t think there’s a Islamic knowledge in there U guys are only answering Muslim names do way U did to Ur self and Ur children and that’s how they grow with that name and clam they are Muslim exactly the way U do

    1. Hello sister zainab, you are a courageous woman, ma, believe this that the Lord will soon reveal his self to you and tell you what to do for Him.

  39. The whole thing is circled around falsehood including his parents. Why is she the only one to keep the marriage? Everything is on their condition, i will not have allowed my daughter to continue.

    1. Mrs zainab the truth you are never a Muslim and never from Muslims family ,your baground to Islamic culture is very poor to cut this short you are only deciving yourself , no muslims across the globe will accept this from you , just keep your marriage never involved religion to this… please.

    2. Hey!!! don’t get it twisted, pray for godly wisdom and greater insight the Truth to be revealed to you all, The Light shines in darkness, and darkness comprehends it not……

  40. If it was a Muslim man that did that,I imaging what Christians responses would have been. Courses and insults.

  41. The woman need to be very careful of her husband attitude because for a man to behave in that way with his family support for the wedding to take place under the pretence of same religion shows that he lacks fear of God which is the begining of wisdom. Best of luck.

  42. I appreciate your parents understanding and God’s hand is in the marriage with the way everyone involve understand,it pretty indeed.

    1. You have sold your hereafter for this ephemeral world. He is a chronic lier and doesn’t really love you and a marriage that is laid on a foundation of deceite shall one day collapse. Your parents must also be nominal Muslims seeing that they saw nothing wrong in this crass insincerity when they discovered that you were married to a crook. You’ve sold your right to freedom of religion and you’re now not only a slave but you’ve invariably sold your children to this useless imposter. You can still fight for your right to practise your religion if you wish. It’s a lie accepting your so called fate unless you’d been a nominal Muslim yourself, and to your own detriment. Correct this grave trial before it’s too late for you. If they can subtly force you to abandon Islam, they’re sure to do that to your children too. In fact, your children have no option. Wake up! Disentangle yourself from this misfortune, this slavery.

    2. I don’t believe in this story at all, this is just a fabricated story, Muslim Ladies should pls wise up… During their period of courting, she couldn’t figured out datbher boyfriend is a Christian, I doubt this story, I doubt the settings of the story and I doubt the character as well.
      May Allah guide us and makes us stand firm on his right path (Islam).

  43. I am afraid of this marriage working.I pray the marriage succeed and both of them making heaven at last in Jesus mighty name

  44. Hmm,may the Lord have mercy and forgive us,i want to say a big weldon to that lady for her maturity and the Godly mind she used to hold her marriage may the peace of the Lord abide in your home and family in Jesus name

  45. Is better to fear God than human being, truly you signed life contract but you for got the core aspect of Islamic law from God that ” he who bring another religion except Islam will not be accepted from him/her”. Is better you think twice before it is too late. Peace be upon you & your household.

  46. The women just used wisdom, and that was it. The love for her marriage was quite impacful , she didn’t informed her parents, played a huge role in ensuring she still married today, perhaps the parents the have taken it easy, if it was fresh , as they could want there daughter out of the marriage, ego may come in, this time. People should not rush into marriage, and must love, who ever, they to get married to. She loves her marriage and invariably the husband, and this was , what did, by putting her marriage first in everything. Our would couple should emulate her , and ensure, she becomes their mentor. Congratulations to her for displaying the attitude expected from real beautifu African woman. Thanks for her real self and making sure she did the right thing, God bless and her family in Jesus mighty name. I say a BIG AMEN.

    1. It is not Christ like to use lies, to get what you want, whatever we ask through Christ( righteousness) God will do it. Bro. as you desire her, pray & sow a seed in righteousness, wait for God, no man will marry her except you. how God will bring it to pass you will not know. My sister you are a virtue woman, you protected your marriage, you are blessed, you obeyed the word of God ( what God joined together let no one put assunder) reason God has given you love & peace in marriage. Call on God He will give you more understanding of His word

        1. God will help you my dear sister, you have taken a good decision, wishing heaven at last, I am just like you but God delivered me,I could have die long time ago but God delivered me,I am living today is by His grace, God bless you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

      1. Don’t mind dem.. At first he deceived her nd get her wedded.. Secondly he promised not 2 change her religion, now he still betrayed the promise.. How re we sure the blunted lier ain’t the one dat still arranged his family 2 come up with dat idea? Else, wat concern family with his wife faith? Or didn’t day knew dat the girl was a Muslim b4 allowing him 2 marry her? Everything about dat guy is fake nd lies.. Nd any relationship but on deceitful nd lies collapse nd end mysteriously at the end no matter how it appears to be sweet nd peaceful at the starting point. How does God join dis kind lies? U mean God joined lies? He did everything ungodly nd evil.. Has Jesus ever deceived anyone? He deceived her 2d marriage nd still failed his promise of allowing her 2 practice her religion.. How is everything here of God?

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