When You Observe These Signs, Know That You Are Probably In A Bad Relationship

Today’s write-up stresses on signs which shows that you are in a bad relationship.

Too much drama is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. If your partner gets dramatic over every small issue, then maybe your relationship won’t last long. You often think “There they go again,” or “What will we fight about this time?” While throwing tantrums once in a while is fine, if your partner tends to scream, cry, or sulk over every small issue, then maybe it’s not worth it.

If you often think of a life without him, then maybe your relationship is unhealthy. If you dream of a life without your partner, then maybe it’s time to move on in life. Having such thoughts is a clear warning that you no longer enjoy his or her and would like to venture out afresh.

Take it as a warning sign if your partner criticizes you often. If you love to dress up or cook meals for him or her, but all you get in return is criticism, then perhaps you two are not meant for each other and don’t like each other’s ways. Your partner might be criticizing you out of false ego. In any case, the relationship is not healthy and not worth your while.

Does your partner manipulate you often?Recently, you have felt that your partner often manipulates your words and each situation to have his way. This kind of behavior will only leave you depressed and feeling guilty of your actions all the time. The relationship is clearly toxic for your mind and health.

You don’t come to him for emotional support. While you are sad or in stress, your partner should be the first person who could console or calm your vexed mind. But if you don’t discuss your emotional setbacks with him or her, then maybe he or she is not a true life partner for you. If you know for sure that he or she won’t understand your situation or even help you out, it’s time to find someone new.

Your partner does not express happiness with your success. If your success has no meaning for your partner and he or she does not give a damn about your successes or failures, then maybe he or she is not meant to be your partner. A good relationship is all about sharing each other’s happiness, joys, and sorrows.

Your partner goes out for all hours without giving you any explanations. You often find your partner disappearing for long periods and does not even bother to give you an explanation of his or her whereabouts. Perhaps, he or she is seeing someone else? You deserve an explanation for this behavior. If he or she refuses to talk about it, that is a clear sign.

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