“When I Unwrap All The Gifts I Got From My Village After My Wedding. God Have Mercy.” – Man Reveals (photos)

Wedding is the ceremony that brings a man called bridegroom and the woman called bride together as husband and wife to raise a new family. The wedding could be either traditional or white wedding. Whichever the aim is to the same.

During the wedding ceremony family, friends and colleagues are usually invited to witness and celebrate with the couple. While doing this, the invited guests do come with variety of gifts to give to the couple. It could be money , domestic instruments, utensils, etc.

A identified man who is identified as Stephen Obasi by his Facebook name has shared chilling story of the gifts he received during his wedding. The young man post it in a Facebook group account known as ‘United Rant HQ”. In his post he wrote this,” When I unwrap all the gifts I got from my village after my wedding. God have mercy”.

A cursory look at the gifts he posted shows that they are plastic spoons, kitchen knives, aluminum spoons, sticks etc.

Wonder shall never end. People are truly funny. Many people have received worse gifts than these gifts.

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