What A Prophet Told Me About My Girlfriend That I Feel Restless

I’m sharing this here because I feel restless with this urgent need to end my relationship. I’ll make the story as short as possible.

I started dating my girlfriend this time 2 years ago. The experience hasn’t been bad because she’s all I could wish for in a woman. Very pretty both facially and in physique. Respectful. Been there for me during my down times. Encourages me when things don’t go my way. At some point, I thought she was gonna leave because of my financial state but no. She still stuck by me. Even helping me financially to bring me up to my feet.

However, Despite every attempts at steadying my financial imbalance, there was never any progress. We went for a crusade mid last year and the prophet called her out, was praying for her and she was falling under anointing. She was oblivious of what was happening then the man of God delivered a big prophesy that shocked me. He said she is possessed by a spirit which is out to ruin every man she’s had something to do with in the past. That a lot of men have been destroyed. My heart raced faster and I couldn’t figure out what to do at that point. When she finally got herself, she cleaned up and went home. Came to my house the following morning and asked me what happened. I told her everything the prophet said and she begged me not to leave her. Of course I didn’t leave her. We still continued with the relationship. Don’t blame me here guys. My belief was that no man or woman has the power to influence what happens to you. That success or financial breakthrough is the end product of hardwork and perseverance. That was why I took that prophesy with a pinch of salt.

Our lives continued. I kept encountering frustrations in my live goals and ambitions. Depts hanging round my neck with no hope in sight. Rents expiring with no plan for renewal. To the point that I had to borrow to feed. These were much that I decided to go see another prophet yesterday. This prophet is different from the first one that hosted a crusade we went for. I decided to go alone this time around and it’s located in a different state. In the course of the ministration. The prophet called me out. He told me I should limit things I say to THAT GIRL (my girlfriend). He mentioned to me that my girlfriend is good and it’s not her fault. That she is possessed by a spirit that is out to ruin. Responsible for restricting any favor that looks like it’s coming my way. Every thing he told me was in tandem with my real life experiences. He prayed for me afterwards and I still went further to meet him. I needed some clarity on whether or not to continue with my relationship. He didn’t urge that I breakup. But he advised I should just leave her and focus on my hustle.

My girlfriend has been calling me since yesterday but I’ve not been picking. I’m confused guys. I know I will eventually pick and talk to her but how do I breakup? Where do I start from? I don’t want to tell her what the prophet said about her. My mind is mess rn. Please advice me guys

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