We Need To Start Beating Up Corrupt Officials – Captain Smart Told

The firm and outspoken media personality, Blessed Godsbrain Smart but popularly known as Captain Smart claims that from now on the corrupt officials need to be beaten mercilessly for stealing the nation’s money.

According to Captain Smart, Ghana has not been able to get a selfless leader apart from the late Osagyefo Doctor Kwame Nkrumah, and every leader who comes to lead the country turns out to be corrupt.

The leaders continue to be corrupt to the extent that the newly elected ones are following in their footsteps and all is because the Ghanaians are not reacting to it.

Captain Smart said the Ghanaians have remained silent for too long so therefore he suggests that they should come together and beat up any corrupt leader.

Captain Smart also said what they will do this time is that any government official who will be assigned a task for the development of the country but caught wasting the money on unnecessary things will be beaten mercilessly by both him and the Ghanaians.

Captain Smart believes when this is done, both the old and new leaders will be sacred to steal the nation’s money again.

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