WATCH: Rev Obofour has been sleeping with his half sister; more bombshell drops

The Word Changer has revealed that Reverend Obofour has been having an affair with his own half-sister for the past five years.

He claimed to be Obofour’s half-sister and offered photos of Nyarko, whom he claimed to be Obofour’s half-sister. He claims to have been having sexual intercourse with his lovely half-sister for quite some time.

Manasseh’s claim that Nyarko is his biological sister is based on the fact that she is Rev. Obofour’s father’s daughter.

Obofour’s wife, Ciara, is aware that her husband has a close relationship with Nyarko, whom she regards as her sister-in-law.

Manasseh Nyarko had performed numerous abortions for Obofour, according to the Word Changer.

He claims the girl is tired of waiting and is ready to marry, but Obofour refuses to let her go.

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