Warning Signs of HIV in Men

The first thing you should know about HIV is that it’s a virus and not a disease itself. The virus is what causes AIDS. The second thing you should know about HIV is that it can be transmitted by sexual contact, injection drug use or other close contact with an infected person.

 If you are having unprotected intercourse and you think you might have HIV, it’s important to get tested. Even if you think you don’t have HIV, getting tested will help your doctor know if the virus has changed since your last test and may be able to prevent further problems. 

HIV can be passed from person to person through bodily fluids such as blood and semen. If a man has an active form of HIV in his body, it can live in his semen for up to six months before becoming detectable in a laboratory test.

It’s Once the virus is no longer active in his semen, it can still be spread during sex with an infected woman who is not taking effective anti-HIV medications. 

While the signs and symptoms of HIV are largely the same whether you are male or female, there are several specific to men that can occur during early-stage or later-stage infection.men include the following:

1. Fever.

2. Headache.

3. Fatigue.

4. Sore throat.

5. Skin rash.

6. Swollen lymph glands.

7. Diarrhoea.

8. Night sweats.

9. Aching muscles or joints.

10. Ulcers in the mouth.

In addition to condoms, men need treatment for HIV that keeps their immune system from rejecting their antibody-producing T cells so they can fight off infection and maintain viral suppression when the level of antibodies remains low enough that they cannot detect or destroy newly infected cells.

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