Wall Geckos Can Be Dangerous, Try These 5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of It In Your Home

When you see a wall gecko in your house, it can be very annoying to see. This creepy crawlies can be found in different places around your home. They can be found in holes and cracks on the walls and ceiling. These tiny lizards usually eat small bugs like ticks, flies, and even cockroaches, so they keep them out of your homes.

Despite what they do, they still have flaws that make them not very useful in your home. They can be hard to get rid of, but I’ll show you some home remedies that can help.


After you cut your onion into pieces, you will keep it in the corners of your house to keep wall geckos from getting in. Wall geckos don’t like onions because they have a strong smell that bothers them, so they don’t like them. Use fresh onions instead of ones that have been used.

Pepper spray.

You can use pepper spray to get rid of wall geckos from your home. Pepper spray is a mix of pepper and water. Pepper spray your house, and the hot and choking smell of the pepper will make wall geckos run away from your house, making them leave. Try not to stay in the room right after the dog has been spayed.


This will help get rid of these small, stubborn lizards. You can put garlic around your house to do this. They won’t want to come into your house because of the strong smell of garlic.


Keep egg shells around your house because geckos don’t like them because they look like eggs. As soon as wall geckos see them, they will be scared and run away from your house.


Wall geckos don’t like the smell of these mothballs, and it helps keep them away from your house.

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