(Video) See What A Photographer Was Doing To Someone’s Girlfriend In The Name Of Photoshoot

A Ghanaian photographer was caught on camera doing something to a young lady’s melons, and many social media users couldn’t stop talking about it after seeing it.

Many people are aware that photographers usually apply baby oil to the melons of women before taking photographs.

Some people believe that the photographer took advantage of this to elicit some emotions from the lady.

If you pay close attention to the video, you will notice that the lady has dressed beautifully and is getting ready to take her photos.

In addition, the photographer was seen standing in front of this lady, pressing her melons in the name of applying baby oil to her chest.

The lady appeared to enjoy what the man was doing because she was seen smiling as he applied the baby oil to her melons.

In the video, another man can be heard saying, “Apply the oil liberally.” This job is more appealing than the pay “.

After seeing this video, some social media users suggested that the lady apply the baby oil to her melons herself.

Watch the video below;

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