VIDEO: A Pastor Caught On Camera Pressing The Backside Of A Lady While Baptizing Her In Water

The process of baptism in water is such that the man of God must hold the back and nose of the people and immerse them in water. For those who know how to swim, there is no need to hold their nose and back because they can control their breathing themselves.

But the man of God in your picture has been recorded taking advantage of a lady all in the name of baptism. Watching the video carefully, the lady was afraid of being immersed in water so the pastor was captured convincing her that she should not be frightened because it is a simple thing.

Instead of the man of God holding the upper back of the lady, he held the buttocks of the lady. This is not unintentional because his hand was at this lady’s buttocks for a long period. He was seen enjoying the backside of this lady and pretending as if his concentration was on the way to convince her that baptism is simple.

The most surprising thing is that even after the baptism, the pastor was chasing this lady and touching her backside for the last time before she gets out of the river. Some netizens after coming across this video said that the pastor is part of the men of God who take advantage of their members in the name of God.


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