Using a successful ritual, learn how to keep your wallet full of cash

Money is said to “make the world go round,” and this statement is only partially accurate. Even so, those who prioritize spiritual matters still need to take care of their physical bodies and make monthly payments on a number of bills.

If you live your life with the clear intention of having as much money as makes you happy, the Universe will respond. Taking care of your financial situation is a sign of responsibility.

The most major element in making this happen is your wallet. Along with having cinnamon or basil in your wallet, you’ll also fast for a day. If you use the lunar calendar, you should offer prayers on the night of the full moon, and the best days of the week to do so are Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you have to, just repeat the process.

If you do this exercise, keep in mind to cast it at night. Amazing creatures, bats spend the night in caverns and other gloomy places where they hunt and see in the dark. The small bat totem will help your money find a place in your wallet while ensuring that it returns home no matter what the circumstances.

On the chosen night, put your wallet under your pillow and spend the last 30 minutes of your day in fervent prayer.

After that, for three days, you won’t touch your wallet out of concern for what has happened to it. Relax until the third day, then pick up your wallet and thank God before opening it to explore nature’s wonders in the wallet. 

I pray that God Almighty will grant you all your requests and will always ensure that you have a stable financial situation. Don’t forget to help the less fortunate as much as you can, and God will enlarge your coast.

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