UPND wants to block Lusambo’s Kabushi rerun with murder charges – Lubinda


UPND wants to block Lusambo’s Kabushi rerun with murder charges – Lubinda

PF has accused Government of plotting against former Kabushi member of parliament Bowman Lusambo by charging him with death of Obert Kasongo, an NDC member who died in 2019.

PF acting president Given Lubinda says this plot is solely an act of desperation meant to bar Lusambo from participating in the forthcoming Kabushi by-election.

He said in a statement that the UPND Government will not be allowed to abuse state authority and state institutions to disadvantage their political opponents with impunity.

Lubinda’s sentiments follows utterances made by Copperbelt Minister, Elisha Matambo in a press briefing held last week were he urged the police to expedite investigations into the murder case and the vehicle case in Kitwe linked to Joseph Malanji.

“It has come to our knowledge that the Police on the Copperbelt have been instructed by the UPND Government to open a docket against Bowman LUSAMBO and charge him with the murder of Obert Kasongo.”

“Bowman Lusambo like any other citizen has the constitutional right to participate in our country’s electoral process,” Lubinda added.

He called on the public to be vigilant and “stop this Government from its continued harassment and victimisation of those that oppose its misrule and its abuse of state institutions for political capital.”

Lubinda questioned the UPND stating If they were popular on the copperbelt “why are they scared of Bowman?”

He further encouraged Lusambo not to despair but be strong without sucumbing to intimidation.

“We will protect you and we will defend your right to contest the Kabushi seat,” Lubinda assured Lusambo.

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