UE/R: Competition Is Important But Unhealthy Competition Is Not Necessary In Our Industry – Cypid cautions

Ghanaian talented singer Dawda Abdul Manaf popularly known in showbiz as Cypid was one of the few artistes from the Upper East Region to have had interview sessions with entertainment journalist Sammy Flex.

Mr. Samuel Samuel Atuobi as Sammy Flex is known in private life, as a guest speaker at a creative seminar organized by organizers of the Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Awards was in the region last weekend.

A series of interviews were conducted with some of the region’s talents on Sunday, July 24, a day after the supposed day for the creative seminar.

Cypid of Downtown Records was part of the artistes who were privileged to have been interviewed on his (Sammy Flex) “Talk Show”.

Cypid deliberated on a lot of headlining topics during the interview but what caught our attention the most was his derogatory remark about unhealthy competition among artistes, especially in the region.

The denotative meaning of competition is when two or more parties are vying for a common goal, but musicians in recent times have taken the connotative meaning of it, which lyrically means feuding.

Competition is of paramount importance to artistes, it boost their confidence level in their craft, thereby, helping them gain more followers and attract investors. In some cases, artistes cash out big from beefs, but when competition is misconstrued by both parties engaging in it, it becomes more dangerous to their careers.

This was basically what the ” Shok3″ singer preached against on the interview, adding that competition among artistes in the region has made it arduous for them to support one another even when it becomes obvious one has to support the other.

Cypid suggested that the best way they as artistes in the region can succeed together is to put their individual differences aside, and support one another collectively when the need demands.

Cypid is working on his debut EP which features artists both from the region and outside and will be released soon.

Watch the interview below;


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