Two Teenagers Post Their Photo With Hands In Their Forbidden Zones – Photo

Wonders shall never end. The world is getting worse by the Seconds. just see these two sp0ilt teenagers without sh@me just came out in public and put their hands in the forbidden zone and took pictures.

Without fear they posted it for the whole world to see, forgetting that this could ruin the image of the girl, and probably of her family as she answers the family name on the social media account she used to post this picture. Which at all levels is not supposed to be and should be condemned.

There are lots of such posts on the internet mostly on Facebook because it is widely used by many around the world and each person has the liberty to post at will, giving the opportunity for teenagers who are not well informed to abuse it.

What has happened to the manner and habit of our upcoming generation, where is the fear of God and the cultural standard in our Society.

I wonder what they had in mind, probably infatuation, and what exactly will their parents think and feel to find their children photo like this on the internet.

Our parents should please put more effort into raising the children to have a high moral standard to prevent such indecent attitudes thereby spoiling the image of the Nigerian people and society. Because the rate of moral decadence is on a steady increase.

Our Girls are now freer than before and the tendency of them falling into the trap of unwanted pregnancy, prostitution, abortion, suicide attempt and probably loss of life is getting higher as loose hands of parents are becoming more rampant.

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