Two Slay Queens Stripped For Stealing Rolex And Bracelets (video)

Nigerians based in Parkland South America embarrassing two South African Slay Queens.

In the video, two ladies were seen in the apartment of the Nigerians and were accused of stealing a Rolex watch from the guys.

The women who were n.a.k.ed with no clothes begged for pictures not to be taken but that fell on the deaf ears as the guys went on to take their photos.

“Hey shut up, where my Rolex watch is”, said one of the guys.

“Do not take a photo”, one of the women screams as she was being videoed.

The two girls are being heard in the video denying any idea of the stolen watch.

Some South Africans reacted to the video:

“This is the worst form of dehumanizing a person. What did South African black women do to deserve this? The foreigners are literally peeing on South Africa’s Constitution.

@SAPoliceService please do something to save SA women from this humiliation. Find these criminals”

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