TV3 Ghana Causes Massive Stir By Dropping This Picture On Social Media

Can we always be serious about life? What does a man gain when he worries about everything around him? Is there no time to cry and time to laugh?

Should smile or laughter be a thing done annually or every minute? Well, TV3 Ghana’s post of an air conditioner, fixed in a compound house, has a way of putting some smiles on the faces of netizens.

It is not known how TV3 Ghana got the picture but one thing is certain; it is ridiculous for the air-conditioned to be fixed outside the room instead of an enclosed atmosphere.

What is the purpose of putting the equipment outside of the room? Is it to provide a cold temperature to the neighbourhood? Is it a mistake made by the technician? Which trained technician would do this fixing?

Well, many Ghanaians have reacted vehemently to the post as they have expressed varying or differing opinions.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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