Truth Be Told: Mahama’s Government Was Not Able To Prosecute Aisha Huang – Nana Kumi Boldly Speaks.

Nana Kumi Abrefa is one of the vibrant communication team members for the New Patriotic Party NPP in Dormaa West. As a result of his good works for the Party, Nana Kumi Abrefa has been elevated from the district or the constituency level to the Regional Level as NPP Communication Officer.

Speaking live on one of the radio stations today 20th September 2022, Nana Kumi Abrefa speaks about illegal mining. According to Nana Kumi Abrefa, Aisha Huang, the Chinese Woman who was arrested recently in Ghana for engaging in illegal mining was arrested three (3) times during the tenure of former president John Dramami Mahama. Nana Kumi made it clear that NDC Government under John Dramani Mahama was not able to prosecute Aisha Huang for causing damage to our natural resources through illegal mining.

” Truth be told, the NDC government was not able to prosecute Aisha Huang. We heard that she is married to NDC Chairman”. – Kumi added.

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