Tips to deal with rude colleagues

There is always a bad apple in everyone’s job, and not all colleagues can be kind and helpful. There will always be a coworker that is rude and irritates you. What do you do in this case if you can’t reciprocate and stoop to the same level? Here are some suggestions for dealing with a disrespectful coworker without getting into trouble.

1. Ask your other colleagues if they feel the same

We tend to overthink things, so if you believe a coworker is being unpleasant, ask a trustworthy coworker if they have seen the same thing. It’s also possible that you’re the only one who is offended. A little knowledge is always beneficial.

2. Observe objectively

Detach yourself from the situation and watch it, not just in professional situations but in other situations as well. Consider the individual who you believe is being unpleasant to you from a different angle.

3. Speak less

If a coworker is disrespectful, reduce your interactions with them to a minimum. Take steps to get out of undesirable circumstances. You won’t be able to completely ignore your colleague, but you can reduce the amount of time you spend with them.

4. Take it in your stride

Channel your sense of humor, find amusement in even the most obnoxious behavior, and laugh it off. Make sure your laughter isn’t sarcastic or threatening, as this will help to defuse the uncomfortable environment or awkwardness produced by your colleague’s unpleasant behavior.

5. Talk to the manager

Talk to your manager if it becomes too much and you feel like you’re losing it. Allow your supervisor or whoever is in charge to handle the problem. Don’t mention the name right away; instead, express your worry and, if necessary, take action.

6. Do not take it personally

Develop a thick skin and resist the urge to take your colleague’s statements personally. Maintain a calm approach if the rude behavior is unrelated to your business or situation. Maintain your motivation and focus.

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