TikTok Starboi In Viral Leaked Video With Ahmadiyya SHS Lady Identified

One of the young men in the viral atopa video of the Ahmadiyya Senior High School lady has been identified.

A sex tape of an Ahmadiyya Senior High School lady has been a talk of the town for a couple of days now.

The video which has since gone viral captures the beautiful young lady who bears AbenaHarriet0 on TikTok obviously enjoying a sex scene with 3 men.

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The video was recorded by one of the young guys while their colleague was enjoying the moment with a doggy style.

We are told that the young guy who was knacking goes by the name Lil Richie. A popular Ghanaian TikTok star.

Watch the videos HERE

Of late, social media wannabes are competing for stardom and some are willing to go an extra mile to become famous.


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