Three Most Important Signs of Relationship Compatibility You Need To Know

Whether having met on a night out, through friends, or whatever other situation, there are certain signs of compatibility that place a definite tick in the box of whoever it is that you’re trying to address the suitability of. This particular write-up lays emphasis on three most important signs of relationship compatibility.

A sense of humor. So important this one, and much underrated. You could have the most attractive, erudite, intelligent, well-to-do, and driven partner on the planet earth, but if you find yourself at home having about as much fun as an undertaker with an embarrassing rash, then you’ve obviously missed out on a key relationship ingredient: humor. Interestingly, both sexes cite humor as one of the most attractive qualities in a potential partner. And there’s a good reason for this.

Sexual compatibility. This isn’t an easy sign to discern early on, unless you have the scruples of a gutter rat! However, there will come a point during the relationship where it will become physical, and then you’ll be able to see where exactly you both are on the sexual spectrum. And there are three sides to this particular spectrum: quantity, quality and quirkiness. The first relates to the frequency of sex that each in the couple prefers. Some are once-a-week love makers, others are thrice nightly thrillers. If sex drives aren’t compatible, this may cause issues down the line.

Shared interests. Having shared interests isn’t always a good thing. Depending upon how much personal space each individual in the relationship requires *and some do need a lot more than others* a shared interest could be just another situation from which they can’t escape..However, a shared interest is usually considered a good thing. It allows a first foot into conversation at the earlier stages of the relationship, and provides an area that can always be dipped into, should the conversation ever fail. It also gives you a solid basis from which to build a relationship that extends beyond the short-term borders of the typical date, especially if it’s something that requires a certain amount of time and preparation.

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