This Rich, Beautiful and Curvy 39-Year Old Single Mom Needs A Man, See Her Offer (photos)

A very beautiful, young, tall, rich, and sexy single mother of three girls has taken to social media to register her interest in having a man in her life.

The 39-year old single Mum identified as Asimwe Jackie, indicated her interest on her official Facebook account.

In her words: “I am glad to be here, I need a spouse, I am 39-years old and a solitary mum of 3 young ladies.

Asimwe Jackie is a Ghanaian but base and work in Nigeria. She is rich and hardworking. She has the money to spend and foot the bills, she lives in a very comfortable apartment. She just want a man she can call her own.

She needs a smart, intelligent, handsome, hardworking and mature young man that can satisfy her emotional and sexual needs.

On the off chance that you are keen on getting hooked with this excellent single mum, you can get in touch with her in the comment section as she is reading through the comments for her choice of man.



  1. Hello Asimwe,am gonna be brief here as my kind of work schedule do not permit me to say much on social media,i saw your post and am kinda interested,i wish i can tell you lot’s about me but should you get back to me via my email am gonna tell you all you need to know about me and subsequently; God’s willing might be we could get started, cheer’s,Dav.

  2. Hy am Derrick , am Ghanaian guy .you are so beautiful to live with you .am ready to move with you love and you đź’“đź’“đź’“

  3. Hello beautiful how are you doing❤ l Hope all is well❤ l love you so much❤ can you please send your number for me in the name of god

  4. My name is akumzua charles student of aketen appiah menka University and will be on your own if consider me.If so let’s exchange contact.

  5. Hello beautiful how I wish you were my age mate, but I think age is not a problem let’s enter into a memorandum of understanding concerning your proposal , I am interested send me your watsup line, and also you can follow me up on Facebook

  6. I wish I can offer you what ever u need to make u happy but am poor guy and I don’t joke with work.thanks

  7. Such a gorgeous lady i wish i meet the standard you want but i promise to share my life with and for you and also ur kids as mine too

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