This Lady Was Locked In A Room For 25 Years, See What See Did (Very Touching)

Blanche Monnier, from France, was a beautiful girl who ended up living one of the most tragic lives. She was born in Poitiers, France, on 1 March 1849, in what was considered to be a great family at the time. Much attention was drawn to her elegance, physical appearance, and good nature, and most notably, too many future marriage suitors. When it came to their lovely daughter getting married, her parents were aristocrats and very hesitant. She attracted many high society suitors at the height of her teenage years, as she got many letters. This reached a point where it made Louise Monnier (her mother) very angry, as she was too precious for marriage with the thought of her daughter. Since Blanche had just disappeared from Paris that day or did she?

Isolated From Everything And Everyone
Louise Monnier locked her daughter for good in her bed, boarding the windows so that no sunlight could be seen and, most importantly, no one could see her. This left Blanche, apart from her parents, brother, and the servants around the house, disconnected from the whole world. She was not allowed to get out of bed in her room, nor was any basic hygiene permitted. Blanche lay in bed where she fed, urinated, and defecated for half of her life.

Shortly after being found in 1901 in her locked home, Blanche Monnier

Blanche’s parents told her friends and family that she was sent to some sort of boarding school in the United Kingdon, and she was unable to return home anytime quickly due to her schedule. The lies advanced to Blanche making a life of her own in Scotland at the point where she was meant to complete her studies, which isolated her from any relatives in France.

The Ghastly Finding

On 23 March 1901, after 25 years, the Paris Attorney General received an anonymous letter claiming that something was concealed behind closed doors by a well-known Parisian family. The author of the letter is still unknown even to this day, but historians do believe it was one of the servants. M. Attorney General: I have the honour of informing you of an extremely significant case. I’m talking about a spinster who has been locked up in the house of Madame Monnier for the past twenty-five years, half-starved and living on a putrid litter, in a word, in her own filth.

In the Parisian community, the Monnier family was seen as highly regarded, making the authorities hesitant about the allegations made in the letter, but nevertheless, the authorities went to investigate the Monnier properties. The property looked “clean” at first sight, before the investigators detected a decaying smell coming from one of the rooms.

The sad story of Blanche Monnier in the French Newspaper of 1901

Upon reaching the room from which the rotting scent came, the investigators found that, as the padlock appeared rusty, the room had been locked for years. The authorities broke the padlock and barged into a horror-filled room. Based on their observations, the authorities had written a grim report, and here is a paragraph from those studies, summarizing their findings:

Although lying fully nude on a rotting mattress, the females appeared severely malnourished. A crust made of excrement and bits of food formed all over her… We also saw bugs running around the bed of Mademoiselle Monnier. The air was so intolerable inside the room, it was impossible for us to continue any longer with our investigation.

Image of Blanche Monnier upon her discovery in 1901. The room was so dark that the investigators broke the window barricades, the first time after 25 years Blanche had seen the sunlight. She told the investigators that she had been chained for 25 years and offered the bare minimum to survive. Her health was so bad that she only weighed 25 kilograms and had no power to stand on her own feet. She mentioned how wonderful it is to smell the fresh mesmerizing air after she was transported to the hospital. The doctors have mentioned how unbelievable it is that for so many years she managed to survive in such an atrocious condition without movement.

Justice Served

A big case took place in which all of the Monnier family were questioned. Louise Monnier was arrested but died of what the authorities think was a heart condition 15 days after her imprisonment, but many assume she drugged herself. Blanche’s brother, Marcel Monnier, tried to defend himself by saying that his mother was in charge of the crime. Marcel was sentenced to 15 years for playing a part in the mistreatment and incarceration of Blanche, despite the evidence that was given. Even if Blanche was free now, life would not have been easy for her. Blanche experienced significant psychiatric disorders and health concerns such as coprophilia, exhibitionism, and schizophrenia due to the 25-year jail sentence. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she died in 1913, because of all these problems.

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