Things That Women Want From Men But They Don’t Say

To avoid inadvertently brushing women, men should develop listening ears. When you listen to women, it’s easy to figure out what they want. You’re looking for signs and ‘hints,’ yet they’re leading you down a path of self-deception.

Women want all this stuff underneath…


It’s every woman’s dream, to be loved and cared for. Women aspire to be attractive and desired. Every woman, regardless of her beauty score, wakes up each day trying to attract the attention of a guy. They are wired to feel listened to and monitored and their emotional state cared to.


When the tornadoes surge at her, a woman expects your physical and mental presence. She looks up to you and knows she can count on you to be there for her till the storms in her life pass. A woman will always expect that you will be a solid financial, emotional, and mental pillar on which she can rely.


A lady requires a sense of security. When she puts her life on you, she wants you to be appreciative and keep an eye on her. So when the aliens tend to threaten her space, she trusts you have her back. She anticipates you’ll be open-eyed on her emotional security and not leave them to get tapped dry.

Good sex.

Women just like men are emotional animals. Their emotional tanks get filled up and thus they expect a good tapping. As a man, you should constantly be there for her and fill the gap. Of course, you should not be a pro but at least push her pleasure buttons. Make her knees weak once you come into her sight. They want it so.

Good Company.

No rational human being wants to live lonely. A woman wants you to be her best buddy. Somebody who is constantly there for her. She wants you to be her counselor and assist her to crack bigger and more difficult difficulties. Make them laugh and you’ll be the first person she thinks about in the morning and when she retires to bed.

An excellent sense of humor.

People with a dry sense of humor are suckers. You have to spread yourself too thin, to get along with them. They suck to the bone. Women crave a guy, who is all fun to be with. And your sense of humor should stretch in all settings. If she thinks you are boring and conservative, she will bring your relationship to a sudden halt.


Nobody likes to be with people who don’t value them, their work, and their time. Thus women hope you will adore and stress out on them. Every woman desires that you’ll hold her hand in public or even pull her up unexpectedly. She will revere your manliness if you take it upon you, and do it. Anyway if you love her, you can’t feel ashamed kissing her brow in public.

Quick-witted chitchats.

Nothing annoys me more like a dull chat. Worse is when the person you are talking to, never pauses or takes time to let her/his words rest well in your mind. If you are the type of man, wise-up, up and work on your listening abilities. Women love listening ears. If you listen to a woman carefully, with your phone deep in your pockets, she’ll pour her heart into your soul. If you want to own her up, guy, listen to her even when it’s the hardest thing you can do in a circumstance.


This is a trait you can’t find in bad lads and terrible gals. But loyalty is a strong human characteristic that keeps partnerships for many years. It’s the fuel of all intact relationships. That said, if you dream of a future with that woman, for heaven’s sake, be loyal. Work hard on your fidelity index. Allow nothing to corrupt you to ‘sin’ or play your woman. It’s suicidal to be unfaithful and your woman won’t buy that.


This has arrived last but is not the least. It’s a trait every woman wants guys to have. When she says NO, understand it and don’t define it wrong. Pray for discernment to know her bad and good days. Because if you insist on YES responses throughout your pestering, you may end up a heartbroken man. Please simply be understanding.

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