Things Men Notice About Women Right Away

Men see through a woman’s behavior, mannerisms, and physical outlook because they are moved by what they see. For a man to be obsessed about you, he may have seen a few things and this article will show you some of the things men notice in women at first glance.

They spot looks

Men pay special attention to the way we dress. At a first glance, they can quickly spot your dress style whether attractive, glamorous, classic, or cheesy. It is thanks to these looks that they will have an idea of the kind of woman you are. So, from now on, take care of how you dress without overdoing it.

The perfume you use

The thing that marks men the most is the woman’s scent, more than the way they dress and the color of their hair. Women need to charm their way through the hearts of their men by using the best fragrances from shower gel, moisturizers, body cream, colognes, and perfumes. Do not forget to lug around a small spray in your handbag just in case.

Natural or sophisticated face

The face is very important to men. They stare at it to see if you have makeup on or not. Whether you have a paint bucket or sloppy makeup, men will use that to judge how you take care of your body. The ladies who take good care of themselves are always on the first list. However, applying makeup does not mean you are superficial, because they will notice right away whether you are natural or not.

The eyes

The eyes are among the things men notice first. The eyes are the windows to the soul and they can say a lot about a person. The eyes allow men to detect a lie or a truth about a woman. This is why most gentlemen rely a lot on the eyes.

The teeth

Men watch the teeth a lot to see if they are yellow or white. They watch each smile to get a glimpse of your teeth. They will fall for you more if you have a bright smile with shining white teeth. So, women, take good care of your teeth and try to have a smile on all the time because men prefer that.

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