They Should Be Careful Not To Lead Ghana Into ‘Chaos’ – Reactions As EC Sends Message To NDC

The NDC this week organized a press conference where they spoke against certain policies of the Electoral Commission. According to the party that has shown distrust for the EC in the past 2 elections, they will not sit down for the EC to make the Ghana Card the sole form of identity for registering new voters’ ID cards. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo had explained that they are ready to take any legal means to shoot down the new CI of the EC.

According to the NDC, not all Ghanaians have acquired the Ghana card and so it was impossible for the EC to compile a voters register with only those who have a Ghana card. In a sharp response, the EC has said that they will go ahead with aim to use the Ghana card. According to Dr. Quiacoe Serebour, there have been incidents of confusion of the documents used in registering. the EC acknowledge the fears of the NDC but say it will be addressed by 2024.

He added that with the credibility of the Ghana card such occurrences can be averted. He said this will curb the confusion that the 2 biggest political parties have when it comes to who is a Ghanaian. He called on the NDC to see reason and accept the use of the card. In a series of comments, some Ghanaians have wondered why the EC is bent on going ahead with their plans despite the opposition against it. Some argue that with the way the EC is going they are bound to plunge the nation into chaos when one party loses the elections

Parliament is yet to resume after going on break. The EC intends to put before them the CI that will seek to legitimize the use of the Ghana card as the only means of identity to register for a voters’ identification card, Check out some of the comments.

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