These Two Parts Of A Woman’s Body That Cause Temptations Everyday

When a woman walks by, there are two areas of her body that catch the attention of a man apart from her beautiful face.

These two parts most determine if the man will approach her or not. Nowadays, most women who are conscious of these physical features wear body-hugging and other revealing clothes to catch the attention of targeted men.

It is hard to resist the temptation. Most times, it is always a case of a ‘willing spirit and a weak body’.

Below are the two critical parts of a woman’s body that are causing temptations in human societies every day:

(1) The breasts:

After feeding your eyes on the face of a lady, your eyes automatically switch to her chest region. It doesn’t matter if you are satisfied with her facial looks or not. If her cleavage is bared like most ladies now do, the sight of that might spark an interest. If the breasts are as huge as a pawpaw fruit, you might become inquisitive and aroused. This prompts you to make a move for her. You might even be unsettled if the breasts are protruding and firm in shape. Most men love it that way.

(2) The bum

This is mostly the third point of assessment especially when you are seeing the woman’s frontal view first. After taking a look at her face and breasts, your eyes travel around her entire body shape and settles on the backside. If it is too big, the man might over-admire it and drive his car into a ditch in the process. In the same vein, if it is portable and dangling like a waist bead, the man might start fantasizing about her in bed. This charms the man and he might find himself chasing her.

In conclusion, the breasts and backsides of women constantly drive men crazy especially in this present fashion age that tends to expose the bodies of women.

Do you agree with me on this one? Which part of a woman’s body attracts you first?

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