These Foods Are Not Advisable To Be Eaten At Night, Especially No 2

Today, I’ll be giving foods that you must avoid eating too late at night in order to reduce the likelihood of developing sleep-related disorders.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is not good for anybody in the first place. But a few bottles could spell the end to your sleeping career. So many things are bound to occur once you drink alcohol late at night.

1. Your normal sleep cycle is interrupted

2. Loud snoring becomes more frequent.

3. Acid flux in your system is increased.

Trust me when I say you do not want a lot of acid in your system.

2. Heavy foods

The logic behind this being that a lot of food in the stomach tends to take a longer amount of time to digest. Once you have plenty of food in your stomach, you’re likely to suffer from constipation and indigestion. You must avoid red meat and fried foods when it is late at night.

3. Foods With High Water Content.

You most definitely do not want to be waking up multiple times at night all in a bid to pee. It could be very disturbing, that’s the more reason you should avoid taking too many foods that have water content. You can only help yourself to some water about a few hours before sleep.

4. Foods That contain Hidden Caffeine

There are so many foods out there that have caffeine, it’s not written in their bodies. Foods that are most guilty of containing some caffeine include tea, ice cream, chocolate, coffee and some pastry desserts you might decide to take.

5. Sugary Foods

Sugar isn’t good for anybody anyway. Taking a lot of sugar tends to push a spike up your insulin levels causing your blood sugar to increase within a short period of time.

6. Tyramine- Rich Foods

Taking these kinds of foods late at night tends to reduce and affect your sleep cycle. It causes the brain to secrete stimulants that aid brain activity. Probably the reason you can’t stop thinking when you’re trying to sleep at night. Foods like tomatoes contain tyramine

7. Spicy foods

If you have heartburn please avoid any spicy food at night, especially Yoruba stew. This could result in more complicated problems. Taking spicy foods would most definitely increase the body’s temperature, making it almost impossible for you to eat.

8. Acidic foods

Yes, there are foods that have high acid content. Such foods include your citrus, like orange, lemon and grape, white wine and your tomato sauce are also great examples of acidic foods.

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