The story of black woman who called herself God.

This woman that you see today used to be one of the most powerful women of God in the Benin republic as for the late 2000 towards the late 2010 and she was once a PERFECT in terms of perfection and along with that controversy as it is already said, she has one of the most shocking story as how she came to be in this and you will not believe what it is. This is the story of Vicentia Tadabge Tchranvokinni.

A woman who called herself God with the ability to heal the sick, make the blind see, make the lame walk. She found her church called the Very Holy Church Of Jesus Christ in 2009 when she was barely 20 years old after meeting with a catholic priest by the name of Mathias Vigan who was an active priest in the catholic church in Baname, there where the whole drama unfolded.

It is not very clear on how she met Mathias but it was said that she had come to meet Mathias for some sort of exorcism or deliverance and somewhere within the line of delivering her. She and Mathias had a relationship that developed into a partnership forming their own church in which they called the Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ modelled after the catholic church, and it was then that Vicentia decided to crown Mathias a Pope. Well that is how powerful she thought she was.

She thought you know with her powers she could actually make anyone a pope and that was what she ordained Mathias Vigan. She gained so much influence, power and soon gained a massive following and one of her biggest goals was to hunt the devil and destroy for good. In the community where her church was located in Baname, it was said the people worshipped some kind of voodoo python and that was where she focus her church because she was trying to stop that practice there. What mostly attracted many people to her church was the fact that she was performing miracles. It was said that people were travelling across the world to come and see her.

She even endorsed presidential candidate Patrice Talon who eventually won the election in 2016 and it was said that he did not even say anything regarding to her church that was already causing nuisance in the community where it was located. The worst part was that her followers defended her when she said that she was God. A lot of them agreed and interpreted as God was using her and so it was just really a controversial on her part and part of the reason why she called herself God was because of the miracles. The fact that she was endorsing presidents and they were winning, she was praying for people and they were getting healed. A lot of people were seeing progress in their lives because you know they were coming to her church.

And if that is not shocking enough on how she came to this world might actually do the job. Now, unlike the rest of us who were carried on our mother’s womb for 9 months and then pushed in a hospital or in a bathtub. Wherever you were pushed out from. This woman actually said she fell from the sky and landed in a farm where she was found by fulani herdsman who I don’t know he saved her life or took her up when he saw her in his farm.

But it was from that farm she got up and walked to her way to meet Mathias Vigan to convince him that she had just arrived from heaven and they need to start a church that will get rid of the devil in the community. That was where Mathias believed her and agreed to start the church that they eventually both started together. This is giving Credonia Emwerinde and Joseph Kibwetere story already that many people heard about. But luckily for us this time around the cult did not take 3,000 lives just like the way Credonia Emwerinde did. Vicentia only took the lives of 6 to 7 people. It was said that Vicentia was notorious for all the wrong reasons.

Her members were fighting with members of the community where the church was located and it was not just a mere playful fight. It was a really serious fight that involved machetes and weapons which may have cost the lives of few people because the clashes and the fighting continued over the years so it wasn’t a one time thing.

In 2017, it was said that Vicentia asked her members to lock themselves in the prayer room and seal the windows. She asked them to burn incense, charcoal and light a candle in the room to pray ahead of the end time that was soon to come. So it was in that room these members themselves and sealed the windows with just incense smoke, candle smoke and charcoal smoke, five of the members died from the suffocation. The rest were treated in the hospital and some survived. Leaders of the church were arrested and charged with manslaughter regarding the death of these five people. Vicentia herself was not charged and arrested.

The church was soon expelled by the Christians association in Benin Republic and church was tagged a cult because of the doctrine that they shared was totally different from the one that general christians republic share and that was why they called it a cult because they were following Vicentia but not the word of God.

Currently in 2021 Vicentia was spotted running mad along the streets of Benin Republic, mumbling word and awkward things that made people see that she has eventually ran mad. Upon further investigation, it was learnt her madness may have started a few years back when members and other people began to notice her talking to herself, mumbling words and she took to the streets. Her church has crumbled and all the members has moved on with their lives. For Mathias Vigan, nothing is said about him except last year that it was posted by the Benin web that the catholic church association has rid him of his priesthood.

This is the story of a black woman who called herself God.

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  1. Wonders shall never end. May be she had taken to Psalms 82 of the Bible. May God have mercy on her soul and Grant her repentance chance as He doesn’t want people to go to hell.

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