The President & These Institutions Must Call Our Chief To Order Before An Unpalatable Story Is Told

The old students association of Kwanyako Senior High Technical School (KWASTECH) and the youths in the community in the Agona East district of central region have hinted that, they are never going to accept the intention by the chief of Agona Kwanyako, Nana Ampim Darkoh to change the name of the Kwanyako Senior High Technical School into his personal name “AMPIM DARKOH SHTS”.

Speaking with the media, the President of the old students association, Patrick Dede Nyarkoh explained that the current name of the school has been on the school over 30 years which has also projected the Kwanyako community to the entire world wide.

Again, all the old products of the school have on their certificates as Kwanyako Senior High Technical so any attempt by the chief to alter the traditional name of the school is a complete lose of identity to the past students of the school and great disservice to the entire Kwanyako indigenes.

Besides, the chief who wants to rename the school after himself has not made any significant contribution for the school since he ascended the throne as a chief to merit such monumental honour, he stressed.

The group calls on President Akufo Addo, ministry of education, Ghana education service, central regional minister and the district chief executive for Agona East district who is also an old students of the school to call the Kwanyako chief to order before any unpalatable story is told.

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