The Power In My Vagina Is The Only Way To Your Success, Come And Have S*x With Me – Lady Begs Men

According to a post made by her on social media, she noticed the power in her private Part and stopped sleeping with random guy.

She wrote: “Every man I have slept with are currently Rich, One of them won Bet9ja of 12Million after sleeping with me, Another guy got a contract of about 80 Million and the rest of them.”

“I don’t know how it happens but my mum told me I have a power in my V*gina, any man that sleeps with me or sucks my P*ssy will become Rich in 7 days.

“When I realized I have this power, I stopped Having sleeping with Random guys, I don’t charge money, I only give it to whoever I like.”

“When I discussed this with my Reverend father who was recently posted to a small catholic church in our village, he said he would want to check it out if its true, he slept with me and after 6 days, he was posted to a bigger church in the city as a Parish priest.”

“One of my friend said I should go for deliverance, but I believe the power in my V*gina is from God and I can only sleep with whoever I like, its a gift from God.”

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