The Onus Lies On Ghanaians, Not The Government – America-Based Ghanaian Gospel Artist

Ghana’s beauty is being dwarfed by other nations, according to gospel artist from Ghana Edd Agyapong who lives in America. According to Edd Agyapong, Ghana is losing its beauty due to improper architecture and system implementation.

He admitted to Giovani on the 3FM Drive that although he frequently tells friends and acquaintances in the USA that Ghana is the most beautiful place to visit, he thinks the system has to be fixed.

When questioned if the government should step up and address the issues, Edd responded that it is the responsibility of every Ghanaian person to do so. In addition to saying that doing the right thing in one’s own corner helps the country thrive, he portrayed the government as everyone.

The system must be fixed by all of us. It is necessary to fix the system. Those of us. We constantly want to blame our government, but since they were elected, we should all just work to make things better.

Link: https://3news.com/ghanas-a-beautiful-country-but-us-based-gospel-musician-edd-agyapong/

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