“The Chief Should Be Given A Death Sentence For Killing The Student Nurse”- Captain Smart

Captain Smart, a controversial journalist, has quietly told Ghana’s government to kill Christopher Ekow Clarke, a Tufuhene from the Mankessim region who is being held as a key suspect in Georgina Asor Botcway’s murder.

Captain Smart claims that he is speechless in the sense that they share a border in Mankessim with the aforementioned Tufuhene. Because of the way he interacts with the residents of Mankessim, he has recognized this man to be a nice person. Even though they might have had some problems together, he wouldn’t have believed it if there was no proof in his home.

He has, after all, committed a crime that should be punished, and in order to warn other people who are prepared and eager to execute such a terrible act he must be used as a “scape goat.”

In fact, if I were the president of the Republic of Ghana, I very certainly would have given the man the death penalty by now. Captain Smart says, “I wouldn’t have wasted any time remanding and prosecuting him.”

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