The Bible Is More Truthful Than Quran, I Will Take Off My Hijab Soon and Convert to Christian

A certain Muslim lady by name Aisha has taking to Twitter to express what she considers as the truth between the Bible and the Quran.

In her own words, she confessed that she would soon be taking off her hijab as she has carefully observed that the Bible is more truthful.

In a world where children are liable to break off their parental religion when they get to the age of knowledge; knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. Aisha seem to have made her own choice

She tweeted:

Considering the undertone of her tweet, she seem to have been struggling with this decision for a while.

Even at that, she doesn’t sound entirely convinced but in her opinion she has found the truth. Hence, she has requested for a Bible teacher.

What advice would you give Aisha? I have a feeling that she’s fed up of something and she’s been searching for what’s right and it seem she has found it.


  1. Aisha God bless you. God is calling you to be part of His blessed fold in Jesus Christ who is the only way to God in Heaven. His message is the one we must listen because he is the only one who came from Heaven. After finishing his mission here on earth he went back to heaven. He was crucified, buried and ressurected on the third day. He conquered death. From the time of Adam to this very day which prophet died and rose again to life apart from our Lord Jesus Christ. So which one should we believe? The truth is in the Holy Bible. The Quran itself states it clear SURAH (HUD) CHAPTER 11 VERSE 17 says “Will he who has a clear proof from his Lord, which acts as evidence from Him, before which the Book of Moses was a way-giver and a grace, (not believe in it)? Whoever among the partisans does not believe in it shall have Hell as the promised award. So have no doubt about it, for surely it’s truth from your Lord, though most men may not believe.”
    Aisha you’re not far from the Grea Light. Be courageous and keep asking God in prayer to show you the true one, because he is a listening God. I know a lot of people who are happy about this your devine action will remember you in their prayers including me. Some of your family members will friends will hate you but stand firm, God will be with you.

  2. Dear Aisha, if you truly believe and understand what there in the Quran, u wouldn’t have come to social media. Reason again

  3. I would have taken her post serious if she could support her claim of the bible more truthful than the Qur’an with some verses of the Quran and the bible as those who had reverted to Islam did. I think she just want to create social media buzzzz.

  4. It is my prayer what the Lord has started with you, He will bring’s it to an end. It”‘s the Lord doing’s. Holy Spirit is right there with you, talk with Him and be attentive as He will always response or your queries. He’s the best teacher. He is the living water best to quench your thirst


  6. Once you are looking the truth, you end up knowing Jesus Christ. For He is the way, the truth and the life. Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. John 14:6.

    1. You are right my brother.
      Christianity is beyond a religion. True Christianity is God himself.
      God bless you!

      1. Certainly Allah has spoken the truth. He said that in the Holy Quran that he brings out dead from a living and a living from dead. It means he brings out unbeliever from believer and believer from unbeliever. That Aisha has already destined to be unbeliever so nobody can do anything about it. That her own
        hardluck and wahala. And must certainly she does not understand the Islamic teachings which is apperantely cleared and no anything confussion in it. But if you look on the other side Christianity is full of ambiguity full of confuse doctrine, like trinity which is highly confusion inside it.

  7. Pls let allow the HOLY SPIRIT to LEAD AND REVEAL to her MORE.

  8. It shows u don’t understand D book Call (Quran), u re not a good Muslim already, so if u like go to hell,

    1. This is exactly why she is leaving…there is so much bitterness and in forgiveness. In Christianity love reigns…if anyone decides to forsake the truth, we go after the person In love…not send them to hell.
      LOVE should be the watch word…for God is Love.

    2. Inna lilahi waina ilahu rojeehun.
      May Allah continue to be our guide and may we not be misfortune.
      This is the worst decision you can make for urself.

    1. Allah have mentioned in the Quran,that some people will be born mumeeen,means believers and the end will ended up kafiruun,will died as non believer,summum bukumum ummuum fahum la yarjiuun,they are dump, blind,and they never returned to the past,may make my end with kalimatus shahada and entire Muslims ummah.

  9. Your religion isn’t well known to you sis. If this story isn’t critically fabricated, nothing but farewell girl.

    1. u know, am always praying for Muslems and Evangelize to them so that GOD will get them Arrest everywhere in this World! and my prayers is working Perfectly without a mistake!! wow! Sister Aisha welcome to JESUS KINGDOM!! GOD BLESSED U!

      1. It will be good if you left Islam because people like you in Islam it is
        disgrace to Muslim because you didn’t study Qur’an you not practice Islam at all

    2. Don’t talk to her like 1. It’s ur type that spoils Islam.. Try and know why she made such decision😒😒😒

  10. Is a pity you lost your faith, but since your preference is to remove your hijab and start walking around half naked like the Christian is your choice, you add nothing to Allah by any chance.may Allah S.W.T guide the true Muslims….

    1. How

      Oh you foolish and uncircumcised Philistine, why do you want to prevent Aisha from leaving darkness to the light

      1. Let anyone that knows the truth depart from iniquity, my sister don’t mind anyone, make your choice and don’t care about those hypocrites.

  11. Now that you have searched all things and have decided to hold on to that which is the truth, good. True, you need a teacher. If you can link up with me, we will commence a simple, short program towards this. May His grace multiply upon you.

  12. Religion and Righteousness are two different words. Religion and sins are two inseparable friends. The world embraces the two. But, Jesus Christ has Righteousness. Hence, He is Righteous. Now, it is very simple. Confession of your sins, repentance, and deliberate acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, will get you Salvation and Righteousness ( Freedom from sins). This is the secret of “born again” So, this spiritual experience is REAL. Therefore, life Outside Christ renders a person to be “Religious with sins” irrespective of professing religion background. Thus, (Rev. 21:8; 22:14-21). Righteousness in Jesus Christ, is the ONLY prerequisite holiness to enter into the Holy Heaven of Holy God. God bless you.

    1. I know this lady, she never been a muslim for once and isha Is not her name she is Deborah by name.mention just a single verse in the holy Quran that is not true nonsense.

  13. Everyone believes his/her religion is the best, but what we fail to understand is that there is only one God.
    Be you a Muslim or a Christian in as much as u believe in Jesus Christ and u try to keep to the basic commandments which is love God and love your neighbor as u love yourself.
    Also there is no need to seek a Bible teacher rather ask the holy spirit to teach you for he alone is the best teacher.
    I pray you find answers and direction to what you seek.

  14. I don’t think that you read the two books carefully because if go through it very well and you have the understanding of the two you will know that no religion is acceptable in the sight of Allah except Islam

    1. 700yrs, the Bible existed before the Quran. Extract from the Bible is what you find in the Quran. They are all preaching peace. Take note pls.

  15. U have made the right decision ashia,if you need a bible study or bible teacher, please go to our website JW.og for more bible study or bible truth.

  16. Aisha go with bible, is the truth word of God. Fear not body God is in control of all their plans, it will come to past.

  17. U’re looking 2 a bible teacher.. Were did u now found the truth? Wat understanding do u have about the two book?

    1. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
      Life is about conviction and I stand with you in prayers that the truth you are looking for, you will see it and that truth shall set you free.
      JESUS says am the way, the truth and the life.
      No one comes to the Father except by me.

  18. Pls, don’t put your believe on show. Read the bible as you believe and have a genuine relationship with God and you will make heaven.
    Don’t tell the whole world your decision but GOD at the appointed time will…

  19. @Aisha, founding faith is not by teaching but by seeing what pleased you, having a teacher may mislead you but you hold on to your faith is the best key to wisdom move closer to an environment that will allow you grow with you vision, believe in yourself, love yourself and your neighbour, do good to everyone and always be positive. Thank you
    Peace be on to you

  20. Aisha please think twice before your final decision, may Allah be with you ,don’t do what you will later regrets.

  21. Hmmm, I have a deeper breath…! Even though Al-Qurian confirmed d well being of Jesus Christ. Did u confirm d status of (SAW) Prophet Muhammed in your Bible??? Only this has shown that Christianity is covering & blocking his followers from d truth. Why I had a deeper breath for U?? Bcos, am really sorry for Uuu. I will encourage U to go more & intensified in reading d Holy Quran & get yourself a professional Alpha to guide Uuu. ISLAM IS D RELIGION OF TRUTH & LIGHT…!

  22. Some persons have found a straight path for themselves….But
    “I am The Way,The Truth, and The Life,no one comes to the Father but BY Me”.
    Signed JESUS

  23. Assalammu Alaikum,Aisha Study Qur’an and Islam very well before you leave Islam that is my advise.

  24. Islam is the religion of God it’s different to the religion that someone creat and Quran is word of God it’s different to the one that someone write

    1. Well i also have a deeper breath like you do…! But the difference is that the Al-Qurian confirmed the well being of Jesus Christ and also He is the Messiah ( Al- Massiah) sorry for the spelling of Al- Massiah, it may not correct. Mr Shitta-bey, we all know that Bible has came into existence ever before (SAW) Prophet Muhammed was born. So His name can’t be found in the Bible. First, they collated the stories and the histories of all the old Prophets, with Jesus and His Desciples, making old and new testaments in the Bible. So when they wrote Al- Qurian also, they also collated all the past Prophets, joins with (SAW) Prophet Muhammed and His Desciples (saabe) sorry for the spelling of saabe.
      We shouldn’t be mixing things together, for example, in 1970, they wrote a book about those that got independence for Nigeria, mentioning the likes of Obafemi Awolowo and co on the role they played. Can Igboho’s name come out in their book, supposing he eventually got Yoruba nation for Yoruba? No, it is now that they can write about Igboho’s story and mentioning all the past heroes there, Igboho’s name can not be mentioned in the book that was written in 1970 when Igboho has not been born. Note, I am not arguing on if the two Books are not Holy Books

  25. Asalah muhaleku, Islamic is the way of life, Dear sister Aisha you have to think again and again, cause you are taking a wrong decision. You can’t compare quran with any other thing in this world?

  26. Hmmm Aishat my only advice for you is that Allah said know me before you worship if you don’t know me how do you want to worship me.that quotes is for all mankind.the rest is in your hand but this religion islam and christian is a religion of peace in any religion you’re doing try to find the real truth in all the religion because the bible say if you know the truth the truth will set you free.both bible and the quran are the books of cannot understand it unless you have the spirit of God dwelling in you.the two books come to back themselves matter your religion if you want to know more about the books of God both physical and spiritual you can contact me through my email or phone number (09074109126) or ( )stay blessed.

        1. The only problem we have in Nigeria is religious sentiment, infact the world entirely forgetting that religion dsnot guarantee u heaven many Muslims are converting to Christians on a daily bases likewise the Christians to Muslims as well so I think it should be an open field as to which we best understand after all we have one target which is heaven peace be with u all.

      1. U see a Christian is this what ur Bible taught u……. U don’t know what ur doing 😂 ah u would just go astray… Christians overreact cause Islam is the way argue with your keyboard

        1. Oga who carry gun to force people to denounce certain religion check ursef there has only been peace in certain religion why there foundation is wrong

    1. Aisha miss understand religion, Hijab is not sign of Islam, It was in bibble please rethinks please

  27. You had better re -read the noble Qur’an carefully and look for exact translation of its verses-Iam sure you change your mind easily.

  28. He died for our sin, but why we still commit deep sin which pass ancient people sin
    Look the group of “lut” was vanished because of (sin) gay, but now the country who are most Christian in population was legalized gay now tell me which sin does he washed away for us?……….

    1. Don’t Ever say that again, I’m a Christian and I know the book of Quran is an Holy book, if u don’t want to run mad don’t ever open ur wide mouth again to say that again,most of the readings in the bible are also in Quran, The diff btwn christian and Muslim is that they don’t believe JESUS CHRIST is the son of God, Muslims believe he’s a prophet and d way of worship is different

  29. Aisha, hold firm to your conviction about the bible and Christianity. God will reveal more of himself you. You may contact me on 08023566118 for more about Jesus Christ. You’re blessed.

  30. You’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free. AISHA has known the truth and she has free from evil

    1. Aisha don’t think that because of Islam religion no acerpt dressing neckerd any how u want to leave peaceful religion think we’ll forget the life may God answer away prayers amen

    1. Sis. Aisha,
      Research very well, don’t be confuse with socially and worldly things, Islamic practices may be time consuming, need adequate dedication in observation because is a way to the Janah and you can have what is better and best even in this worldly affairs except you work thoroughly and very hard for it. Islam is ment for those who can work seriously and have vision.
      So, be calm, read the translated copy of the Qur’an and meet some rightly guided Islamic scholars called ALU sunnah for clarification of what is not clear to you in the Qur’an. May Al-Allah guide you and direct your affairs.

  31. The cancell of the heart is the best cancell, Aishà ur heart av cancelled u I think u av a better chance follow ur heart, pray simple prayer like Jesus Christ send me the person I need now to lead me and teach me into ur mvellius light.

      1. See a Christian thinking like cockroach
        What secret abeg… If u find any secret pls reply 😁… Well I guess this is what ur religion is teaching… But I put it to u in Islam it’s a sin to even bad mouth another religion

  32. “Aisha” (in quotes because the name is honourable)if you desire to know more about the Bible watch the video “Is the Bible God’s words” by Ahmed Deedat on YouTube. It will explain to you in detail what the Bible really is. Good luck.

  33. “Aisha” (in quotes because the name is honourable)if you desire to know more about the Bible watch the video “Is the God’s words” by Ahmed Deedat on YouTube. It will explain to you in detail what the Bible really is. Good luck.

  34. Even the Quoran confirmed the status of Jesus and that of Mary, but then there is an in-built conscience in every body that tells you when you are right or wrong,it is either you pretend or you are original

  35. One thing I will say is, this is a made-up story, even if not, Y do You guys love putting these kind of stuff in the media, we heard about a pastor who converted to Islam and never was that seen on the media because you own it……
    Guys this is bullshit

  36. My sister, if you want to know more about the Bible and Qur’an please go and read book Called who is this Allah is same God of Bible? written by Muslim man G j Marsha

  37. My sister, if you want to know more about the Bible and Qur’an please go and read book Called who is this Allah is same God of Bible? written by Muslim man G j Marsha

  38. Its ur decision to mk, bt knw one thing for such choose wisely if u loose u loose. Cox islam is d true defination of peace n everything.

  39. Hello Aisha! Do you really serching for the truth or you I just making comedy? If you are really after the truth? Kindly, meet with Yusuf Adepoju Akadip on YouTube dated 27/28-11-2021.on life program in Ekiti State.

  40. You abandoned Islam to join Christ followers isn’t the issue,,,my point to you is to know who you are and what you want that sooth you in your life time peacefully. You are a responsible human beings before your ( anyreligions)if most humans could reason this way there won’t be cause engaging each other ignorantly. The houses we occupied today were built by our grandfather’s,,,they are gone, the house stayed,,those brought religions were all gone, religions stays,,,why should I kill you for talking err on my religion? You tear my Bible, I will buy another from bookshops,,,why killing you? People talk about prophet Mohammed in Norway,,,no fight in Norway, no fight in Saudi Arabia,,,,imagine people killing themselves in northern Nigeria,,,,,where is the sense?

    1. Thank for taking your decision. There was a case in the bible about moses. He was raised by pheroah’s family as a princess but when he come to years that is maturity, he refused to be called son of pheroah’s daughter. You see dear, its not your fault been born into a religion but it become your fault if you know the truth and refuse to accept it because of fear. Revelation 21vs 8. Jesus says am the way the truth, no man comes to the father (God) but by Him. See John 14vs 6. Looking at Jesus, His birth was a miracle, His life is without sin, He died and bodily resurrected a fact that the world CANNOT disprove. And Jesus is coming again. When you accept Him as Lord and personal savoir, He gives you power to become a daughter of God.. So dear take your decision for Christ and it shall be well with you. It might not be easy at first because of persecution but never mind, heaven worth suffering for. God bless you as you decide for Jesus.

        1. I love your sincere reasoning. True Christians don’t fight or kill for their God or force anyone into marriage or Christianity. You’ve taken the decision that each true Christian must take first before you’re given power by God to attain the status. Christianity is not by birth but by decision (choice)-That’s God’s design for grace(John 3:16). I made that decision 34yrs ago without regret.

    2. Islam means Total submission to the Will of God. I am also ready to convert to Christianity, if Christians can show me where the word BIBLE, was mentioned in bible, And Where Jesus Prophesied that Self Acclaimed Appostle will come and Originate/ create Christianity. Show me Where Jesus Himself tell Christians to Jesus as PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR. Sincere Christian Should please Check what Jesus Spoke/ Teach about himself in John5:30-31. Amongst all Christianity Churches which Church and Which Version of bible is FREE FROM ERRORS AND CONTRADITIONS????????????????????????????????

      1. My sister knowledge is power you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free Jesus is the truth read more of the Bible and discover more that pertain to life and godliness

    1. Why address Jesus as the only man, and not the only God?. This is not my point here. That lady (Aisha or Deborah) knows the Qur’an and the Bible (KJB or whichever version) thoroughly b4 making up her mind. Why is she looking for a teacher now? If this story is not a fabrication, let her or this Media respond to the comments.

  41. No matter how u people plan to cut an air of Islam,I promise u it will make it grow back in numbers beyond counting,check it happening. With all this gang grouping fake announcement by so call Christians

    1. He died for our sin, but why we still commit deep sin which pass ancient people sin
      Look the group of “lut” was vanished because of (sin) gay, but now the country who are most Christian in population was legalized gay now tell me which sin does he washed away for us?……….

  42. God is a spirit and there that worship him , should worship him in spirit and in truth, Christianity is not a religion but a way of life,aisha Jesus Christ is calling u, don’t waste time, the world will end soon

  43. I love this God Almighty, He can make, He can mar. But in your own case, He makes, He doesn’t mar. Regard that as His goodness towards you ( Romans 11:22) and continually, be thankful for it!; When others experienced it a Divine severity!. The Bible speaks of many mysterious things that can’t be discussed enough about here. Devote urself to reading it and our resurrected Jesus Christ will reveal Himself more and more to you. Paul the apostle speaks in 2 places: Acts 17:22-32; Hebrews 5:9-11. No one can save himself or herself by all the available religions. We’re born into this world by some blood to b a living soul, so also must we b born back again to God Almighty thru some blood and the only blood required must not be from human beings. Hence the blood of God in Jesus ( Acts 20:28). Though His blood of survival became controversial even to all the new testament scholars of the Bible days ‘cos Joseph denies its ownership but God Almighty announces it as its own wc is for the salvation of mankind. To ur parents and to you, Congratulations ! … I also w’born by an imam.

    1. Aisha think carefully and study the glorious Qur’an very well . the is the light,the only way to righteousness that will guide u to straight path.we Muslim are even more Christian than Christians because will follow the way and teachings of Jesus more the Christ believer themselves.

  44. Although Islam in reality is not a game of number or a triance of an ephemeral superemacy. Either u denounce Islam or renounce it, it doesn’t affect Muslims. Unlike Christianity or other faith, where number of worhsiper is even making them do juju. Aisha or what do u fake ur name to be. I know u ppl are hiding under this lane using ur cunning steps to be misleading and calling Muslims into a fake God, particularly now that even the pastors are converting into Islam. Imagine, son of God, god the father and all sort of fallible statement can be more genuine than Holy Quran which for the past thousands of years, haters had been struggling to attack but all are failing through generations. Why is it that, Even the real Convertees from Islam never saw any fault from either Quran or Hadith rather they only convert due to inability to stand with fate and destiny which wait for them any where. On the other hand, any Christian that accidentally changed into Islam did as a result of divine light received through Preaching of reality. Its stated in both books though that, he who is sincere about knowing God, shall definitely not die except after knowing Him. A fake Muslim wl never die a Muslim rather either die miserably without the light of Islam or changed and be group among the failing group and a sincere Christian that needs to worship a real Allah shall never die but a Muslim bcos its the only religion accepted by àll the truthfully creatures, even the pastors know the truth. Aisha! If at all u are real which I doubt, pls rethink and be guided. I love u as I love other brothers in the light.

  45. MOHAMMED took part of the old testament and arabasised them.Theres no salvation in any other,for there’s none other name under heaven given among men,whereby we must be saved,Acts 4:12.Either you follow religion all your life,die and stay away from God forever (HELL)or you receive Christ today, receive eternal life(Christ),live happily ever after both now and forever.. choice is yours.Meanwhile Aisha, check Livingwordmedia,org..and follow the instructions.Act on the promptings God’s Spirit has been giving you today.

    1. Trinity:-God the father,the son and the only unbiblical,not in the Bible. Jesus Christ son of Mary is being regard as soon of God. Allah does begot any son. He is one.the everlasting,the external,the giver and talker of all soul.Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “He is Allah—One ˹and Indivisible,Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One,Allah—the Sustainer ˹needed by all˺He has never had offspring, nor was He born.And there is none comparable to Him.”therefore somebody that die on the cross for the sins of mankind,can never be call God because, God cannot die in any condition or u say God that created u die who also created Mary the mother of jesus.the question is that created Mary?

  46. My sister, well said, but I am afraid of your life, truth is bitter, your people knows the truth, they envy the Christians, they’re pretenders, but I must advice you to be careful, because if they find out, they will hunt you for life, but I pray for Christ to take control

  47. I pray for more revelations of the truth for you to make you stand firmly, personal encountered with the living Christ on Jesus name

  48. Study online with pastor w.f.kumuyi of the Deeper life bible church , you will be glad you did. It will clear up All your confusions and doubts. God bless you.

  49. That day, people will depart separated (into categories) to be shown the result of their deeds Qur’an 99 v 6.

    Whoever does an atom’s weight of good or evil will see it Qur’an 99 v 7 – 8.
    So, if you are a Christian do what’s right and if you are a Muslim do the right thing.
    Being a Muslim or Christian is not a certificate to paradise but your actions and what you do.

    1. Dear Aisha, if you need a Bible Teacher, I am available to be used by God to help you.
      Jesus said in John 3:16 – That God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.
      As you have believed in Jesus Christ, the Bible tells you that you shat not perish but you have an everlasting life. Congratulations!

    2. As good as your submission is,there is one gap you don’t know. You have to be. Washed by the blood of the lamb for the remission of the past sins. You can then talk of doing good.

    3. Mr Ishaq God Almighty bless you, but know that salvation and paradise is not by good works, rather, it is by the grace of God Almighty through faith in The LORD Jesus Christ. You have to accept Him into your live if you must make heaven.. John 14 vs 6 in the Bible ” Jesus said; I AM the way, the Truth and The Life, no one comes to The Father (God) except through Me”

    4. Yes, wether you are a Christian or a Muslim,if your actions are not right and not done out of love. You will still not your creator after your time in this world. God help us

  50. Jesus said “you erred because you did not know the word of God and His power” Matthew 22 vs 29. The Bible is one but has several other translation and paraphrase to enhance the understanding of it reader. It is called the Big Story of God Himself. It’s the book of life. It is the book of Truth. It has 40 authors but it has just one authority which is God.
    Finally, it was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit ” it is called the inspired Word’ 2 Timothy 3 vs 16.


  51. The Holy Bible is one,having different versions does not diversify it,just as the body of Christ is one,so is the Bible one.For Aisha,she has found the truth because she has refused to be a fanatic who will not associate with another religion,her closeness to the Bible and the quoran has given her a choice and it’s well with her as she has chosen the right part to salvation.God bless you Aisha.

    1. My sister you have made a right decision what you have to do now is to confess you sin, for sake them and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, you can join deeper life bible church where you will be thought about Jesus Christ discipleship training i.e to know about Jesus Christ death and his resurrection, that is when you will know fact of Jesus Christ been the saviour of the world.

    1. Oga Mohammed is just a prick and a sick.A paedophile,an acaeic sexist,a trouble shooter like the rest of his followers today.It is just too much cos he is worse than normal serial killers.Also he is a necrophiliac.If he was alive today he would have been executed in prison.Look i am tired go and check all that thing in ur adulterated bastardized version of the Bible the punk Mohammed name Quran.It is even too much abeg i just can’t say enough of his evil deeds and how stupid the Quran and you fanatics are.Fuck off fool.

  52. Christians have one bible, it is been written in different English series, and other world language series to enable more understanding. On the day of Pentecost, holy spirit gave utterances to the appostles & they spoke native language of each tribe present, so as to enable their understanding of the word of God. The bible is one book, it has old testament, the time of sin, ignorance, when the promise (truth) has not come, it was given to us not to follow the ignorance of the old. The Bible has the new testament, the time the truth,the way & the life (Christ Jesus) was sent to the world for all humanity to follow. The Bible is one book divided into two sections.

  53. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.John 8.32
    Your decision is good,I can assure you, that you will not regret taking this decision.
    For Bible Teachers,visit a gospel Bible Church.They will help you greatly.e.g.Deepr Life Bible Church nearest to you.

  54. I will like to remind my dear that Islam and Muslims all over consider Jesus and Christianity but, Quran is divine revelation, no any part of it is changed or replaced in any way.

      1. This Aisha who concluded that the Bible is more truthful than the Quran, yet she’s still want a Bible teacher. How then did she come to that conclusion.

        Obviously, she doesn’t understand that Quran, though has Islamic background.

        Let her be shown the part of the Bible that says the earth is flattened, meanwhile science has proven that it’s spherical.

        This is the reason Gallileo Galilee was guillotined in Paris because he pointed out the error in the Bible scientifically.

        1. Never say anything u don’t know or understand about words of God neither Qur’an nor Bible.b.cos all sins is forgiven but sin against Holly spirit is not forgiven. About how the earth was the Bible your self.. Isaiah 40:22

      2. If really she wanted to convert to Christianity, then why not removing your hijab since then. And the teacher to teach you what you already know. Am thinking if this so called narration is true.

    1. Aisha may the almighty God reveal more of himself to you, heaven is real and he’ll is real, please WhatsApp or contact this number for more Spiritual guidance+2348146566405.You are blessed ijn

      1. I believe Aisha is yet to gain full understanding of the Holy Qurian otherwise she would never contemplate abandoning Islam for Christianity. I suggest she seeks more Islamic knowledge before taking the plunge from daylight to darkness.My candid advice

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