Ten Key Things Men Should Know About Women

In this particular write-up, we are going to look at key things men should know about women.

If a girl shares with you her daily life or about her struggles or her emotional state, it means that she trusts you. She wants you to listen and just console her that everything will be okay.

When she decides to share her flaws with you, she trusts you enough to be vulnerable. She feels comfortable. Don’t make a joke out of her weakness and don’t you ever shame ever.

Trust is when someone opens up her heart, mind and body to you without knowing every damn detail about you. Else, it takes a century to know the details and yet never trust.

Not every girl uses her hot body to attract men. Not every girl is a gold digger. There are many who want golden love. Not every girl is beautiful because of makeup. There are enough natural beauty.

Not every girl wants sex with random guys or even with boyfriend. Many would like to do it after marriage.

Not every girl takes hours in getting ready. There are many who get ready in a few minutes.

Not every girl wants to marry a rich man for money. There are many girls who earn and spend their own money.

When she decides to trust you and let’s you take the lead. Be very careful, she chose you among a hundred guys. When she decides to trust you. She thought over it a hundred times. Do anything but don’t break her trust.

When she decides to share her emotions with you, it’s not an outburst for her. It took her a lot to reach there. Be empathetic and nonjudgmental. Listen more than you suggest.

When she decides to share her body with you, she trusts you blindly, it’s not a casual thing for her. Be gentle and kind. Understand her verbal as well as non-verbal gestures. If you think you will forget her by morning better go somewhere you pay and get it.

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