STORY:My Madam And I – S01 E44

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She looked completely stunned and paralyzed as she saw me.

” I heard everything, don’t worry, carry on with your discussion” I said and turn to leave.

She ran towards the door, shut it and stood in front of it.

” Mike! Let me explain “. She said in a non apologetic way.

” alright, go ahead. ” I said, looking blankly at her.

” Mike, please sit down and hear me out”. Her voice remained expressionless.

” what do you want to explain? I heard all you have been yapping on the phone. So I am just a puppet right?! Please get out of my way!” I commanded.

She ran to me and held my hands shaking me.

” Mike, I have been hurt many times. I have been cheated on and betrayed Mike! You will never understand. I did what I nid because I needed to know if you are the one.”. She embraced me, holding my hands together. ” please forgive me Mike, am very sorry “. Her voice turning emotional.

I felt my heart breaking, I love her so much that I struggled with myself to hate her. I felt if she can lie to me about this, then she can lie to me about anything.

” let go! ” I commanded.

” I won’t! I won’t! ” she said, tightening her grip on me.

I struggled to brake loose, but she held me even tighter.

” what is wrong with you let me go! “. I yelled, pulled her grip from me and pushed her.

She fell on the floor and started cried bitterly .

” Mike please am sorry ” she said crying.

I ignored her and walked out banging the door behind me. I felt horrible the moment I was out of her building. Her tears melted my heart. I just stood still outside her compound, looked up and down with my hands on my waist. A part of me wanted to go back and reason things out with her, but my findings made me not to trust anything she may want to use as an excuse.

I couldn’t go back to my house because of Ruth. She had already sent me a dozen am sorry text messages, and I can’t go to Sandra’s either. My only option was to go to jackisula’s place. So I put a call across to him. He was so happy to welcome me over.

It was raining heavily when I arrived at Jacky’s place. I knocked severally on the door, but no one responded. So I took the back door, only to find Jacky on the floor . I passed through the open kitchen window into the house, then find my way to the sitting room where he laid face down on the floor.

Empty bottles of codeine and a full opened nylon of weed laid beside him. I shook him, but he wasn’t responding. I shook him again and again, still he laid lifeless, I turned him and checked his breathing, it was regular. I felt perhaps he was on conscious, then suddenly he moved his head, chewed his mouth and started snoring . I heaved a great sigh of relief knowing he’s alive.

I went to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat but found nothing save noodles. I tried to boil it but the gas was empty. No wonder the pots were clean and probably kept. So I did as he usually does, eat the noodles uncooked.

The refrigerator had a quarter bottle of vodka and sachets water carelessly lodged inside . I helped myself with a sachet and went to the sitting room, put on the TV, sat down with my raw noodles and water to watch the documentary on display.

It was already dark and Jacky hasn’t woken up yet. Mum called asking me to come home but I refused except Ruth leaves, but she persuaded me to come and resolve issues with her. Sandra on the other hand hasn’t called and this worried me a great deal because I expected her to call begging and I was afraid that I was going to forgive.

Jacky still showed no sign of waking up so left in the same way I came. I went straight home. Ruth hearing my foot steps on the stair rushed towards me and hugged me, I didn’t know whether to push her away or not, so I just stood.

” am sorry Mike, please forgive me. Am really sorry. ” she said, resting her head on my chest and her hands on my waist.

Mum stood at the stairs entrance looking with emotion the way Ruth held me. She was really in love with this girl. Guess her good character and cares caught mums attention.

I had to hug her and let the past slide. She started sobbing on my chest as I held her, mum who seem to be envious of the charade left us to our reunion.

We both sat in the sitting room watching a movie together. Ruth held my waist leaning on my shoulder, while I sat facing the TV with a crossed leg.

She brought out her ATM from her jacket and shoved it in my breast pocket. I took it out, looked at it and then looked at her in surprise.

” what is this for?”

” so you can get yourself some clothes ” she said, still leaning on me.

” who told you I need new clothes?! ” I said.

” I just want you to get something new that’s all”

” thanks dear, I don’t need it” I said handing it back to her.

She looked at me, turned my face to hers.

” Mike. I love you, I don’t mind if you close down my account. It gives me joy to do this. It’s a way you can convince me that you have forgiven me. ” she said in an emotion laden tone.

I hesitated, but she charmingly made me accept it. Just then a text came on my phone. Ruth made to read the content with me, then ignored. It was from Sandra, and it read: AM OUTSIDE YOUR GATE. I looked at the time on my phone, it was 11.18pm. I looked at Ruth with side of my eyes, but she laid still on me and was busy with the TV ( although conscious of the happenings).

I needed a way to sneak out to Sandra whose odd visit put me in panic of her safety.

” I want to check something downstairs ” I said standing up.

” by this time? ” Ruth said in surprise.

” yeah…The …gate. That’s how i…i close it every night. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a jiffy. I said stammering, walking out.

” lemme accompany you, it’s not safe! ” Ruth said, standing.

” I’ll be back, don’t worry yourself. ” I said smiling and walked away to avoid further argument.

At the gate I remembered that the key was upstairs. So I called Sandra from the middle opening of the gate.

” what are you doing here by this time! ” I enquired angrily.

She slowly walked to the opening to meet with me .

” to ask for your forgiveness ” she said casually, smiling.

” why didn’t you come in the morning? ”

” coz I couldn’t sleep ”

” wait here let me get the keys “. I said and ran upstairs.

I had to tiptoe up the stairs. And when I got to the entrance which leads to the sitting room, I paused to observe Ruth who was focused on the TV. That was good because it gave me the chance to sneak through the back sit to the dinning where the key was. On my return to the door, Ruth turned, but I quickly duck before she caught me. I bent with my hands and knees on the ground. I waited until I was convinced that she was back to her TV, before I crawled to the stairs. Then tiptoed down stairs.

I went outside and met Sandra who was sitting on the bonnet of car with a folded hand. She stood up when I approached her.

” why this night?” I said, looking consciously at every side.

She stood looking very remorseful.

” am sorry Mike. I know what I did was bad, that’s why I put my life in harms way just to see you and tell you that I regret lying to you. I wanted to be sure I can rely on you as my man. I….. ”

I interrupted. ” you should have pulled this stunt during the day instead of now! ” I said, still looking all over as though expecting something to jump on us.

” please Mike, I don’t care If I die today. I don’t care if I get hurt. I hurt you and it’s hurting me that you found out this way” she said as tears clouded her eyes.

I felt sorry for her. My heart had completely forgiven her the moment I saw her standing outside my gate but I had to play tough just not to give in easily. So I went to her and hugged her. She held me tight crying.

” Mike! ” Ruth called from behind..




To be continue


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