STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E49

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 49

I was half way home when I remembered that I should have told Sandra that I was leaving . I brought out my phone to call her, then on a second thought shoved it back into my pocket.

I was getting close to my house when I remembered that mum may not be alone, and the people around may want to know the where about of my neighbour, so I stopped and call mum.

” I was about calling you. What is the address of the barrack?! ” mum shouted into the phone immediately she answered.

Just then I realized that my leaving Sandra wasn’t a wise move.

” I am…emm… It’s just beside Mark Wright road. ” I impulsively let out the address before I recollected what I was doing.

” OK. OK.. We are on our way ” mum said, then continued talking to whosoever was with her ” he said the one at Mark Wright road. Do you know there?…” someone from the background said . ” yes… Yes… I know there!”. Then she said ” OK let’s go ” before she hung up.

I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that I should return to the place I was coming from. So I quickly ran to the main road. Flagged down a commercial motorcyclist to facilitate my journey, then zoomed back to the Barack.

I rushed back to the shade, sat on the floor and hurriedly emptied the bottled water I bought on the way. Just then Sandra started approaching me looking like someone who deserves an accolade for an heroic act. Obviously she didn’t notice my absence.

” hope you didn’t miss me much ? ” she said smiling few distance away from me.

she has returned to the old Sandra I use to know. I quickly stood up and to relay the news of my people coming.

” they can come. He’s resting in detention. ” she said smiling, then took a sit on the floor under the shade.

“Can you guys allow him go? ” I asked, bending in front of her.

” today? No tomorrow “. She said, and brought out her phone.

I felt completely insignificant. So I decided to use her so claimed love for me against her.

” how can you say you love me and want to tell the world that I can’t ask for a favor from you ? ” I said frowning.

She looked at me critically, then smiled and said.

” so don’t you know they would see how much I love you with the way am dealing with someone who hurt you? ” she said, still looking critically at me.

” I know. I know you love me, but please when my people come, please let him go when I ask you in their presence “. I said pathetically.

She held my hands in hers.

” sweetie, can you tell them not to worry he will be released tomorrow? ” she said smiling.

I almost lost my temper, but tamed it. Instead I removed my hands from hers and walked a little distance from her. She stood up and came to me.

” aren’t you hungry? ”

I looked at her in surprise.

” I told you mum is on her way and you’re talking about food? “.

This really irritated me that I moved further away from her.

” OK. We will wait for them. I will be the one to talk to them. Is that okay by you? ” she asked.

I was about previewing her statement in my head to know what to respond when my phone rang. It was mum. I motioned mum is here to her before answering.

” where are you? We are here”. Mum said immediately I answered.

” where are you?” I asked. Giving Sandra the signal.

” we are at the gate.” mum answered.

” OK, am coming. ” I said and hung up.

” what am I going to do now?! ” my voice reeked of panic.

Sandra just gentle held my shoulder and said.

” leave everything to me. Let’s go. ” and she started heading for the gate.

I followed her. I noticed that any soldier we passed saluted her and she either ignore or just nodded. I kept pondering ‘ who is Sandra?” as we walked.

We got to the gate and saw mum, the man’s wife along side three women and five men. It was a full house.

Mum ran towards me as she saw me coming. But the mans wife ran ahead of her, knelt in front of me crying clutching my trousers.

“what have you people done to my husband?! Bring him to me o-o. ” she held on me tight crying.

” please my son, where’s he? ” mum said as she approached me in company of the rest.

I stood speechless looking at them one by one.

” he’s fine. You people didnt have to come . He will be released tomorrow “. Sandra spoke casually.

” so it’s you?!” the man’s wife said standing up to face Sandra. ” you should better arrest me too oo”.she said ,attacking Sandra.

She clutched on Sandra’s singlet dragging it with all her weight and strength, bending down pulling Sandra along. Before I could intervene , she had already ripped Sandra’s top.

To be continue….


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