STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E46

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 46

I waited until Ruth who laid on my body all through the rest of the evening went in to sleep in my mum’s room after several persuasion from me.

When I was sure she has slept, I snuck to be balcony to call Sandra. The phone ran and ended twice before she answered the third time.

” hello” I said feeling relieved.

” hey baby. I was waiting for your call before I slept off”. Sandra said sounding sleepy.

“am sorry for what happened ”

” it’s OK. I asked for it but am over it already “.

” how did you find your way home? ”

” I just drove “. She said.

” I can sleep now “. I heaved a relieving sigh.

” how about your girlfriend? ”

” she’s asleep ”

” hope she didn’t tear you apart? ” her voice depicting a smile.

” she did a little ” I said smiling.

” alright sweetie, thanks for forgiving me. I will see you in the morning. ”

” OK. Tomorrow ”

She hung up. And I went straight to bed.

The next morning, I woke up very late to meet an empty house. Ruth didn’t sneak into my room to wake me up with a kiss as usual. I didn’t feel much bad about it because I knew it was going to take time for her to heal from the hurt.

So I fix myself a breakfast and sat in front of the TV to enjoy myself. Suddenly I heard voices from the next flat.

A young childless couple lived there. The husband use to work in a reputable company until he was sacked about two years ago .

During his working days he bought a car for his wife and set up a business for her. During the first year, his wife was very supportive but gradually over time things turned sour. The man began bringing girls into the house while the wife was away. Rumor must have relayed the news to her because of their constant fights. But she never caught him red handed.

Everyone in the compound had learnt to let them be as the fight became almost a daily occurrence. Sometimes the woman locks the man out. While other times the man beat her up mercilessly. But the crazy thing about them is that after everything, at night they end up having loud sex.

On this day the woman cried louder than usual, the man seem to be hitting her really hard. I tried to ignore but her cry wouldn’t let me. So I stood up and went to their door, I hesitated whether to knock or not. A neighbor living downstairs saw me as he was about entering his car .

” Mike, let them be, we are use to it. ” the man said as he entered his car and drove off.

I was about leaving when I heard the woman shouting. ” somebody help me! ” . I turned back to the door, knocked severally but no one responded, but when I heard her scream for help again, I pushed in and the door gave way. I staggered into the sitting room and saw the man pressing the woman’s neck. I rushed to where he was and pulled him off her.

She started gasping for air gripping her neck. The man tried to bounce on her again I resisted him by pulling him by the waist and throwing him on the floor.

” stop this!” I said afterwards as I tried to gain my balance.

The woman hid behind a chair still holding her neck.

” she’s a prostitute! ” he said getting on his feet. ” are you one of her lovers?! ” he asked pointing at me mischievously.

” please stop this madness!” I said.

He ran towards the woman again , but I jumped on him and he fell over . He got up swiftly and went to get a wine bottle. I was still trying to know if the woman was OK when a bottle landed on my head. And stabbed me on my palm as I tried to defend it from piercing my chest. He tried again but I pushed him hard on the chair and he fell over to the other side. I quickly jumped over to where he was, picked up the broken bottle and made to stab him, but his wife held my hand and begged me not to hurt her husband . I pushed her away, by this time he was up and ran out. I chanced after him, he ran downstairs to my mums shop calling for help.

When mum saw me coming covered in blood and bottle in hand she jumped and ran to towards me and embracing my waist.

” what have you done to my son?! ” she yelled still holding me.

I tried to push her aside to descend on the man who was looking helplessly in my mums shop. His wife joined mum in holding me. I was bleeding on my head and the cut on my hand was deep.

My mum finally convinced me to leave him alone with lots of begging and shouting. Other passersby also came in to dissolve the issue.

I finally went to tend my injury at a nearby by hospital.



To be continue




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