STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E43

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Sandra was so happy to see me. She hugged me so tight I thought she wouldn’t let go.

” I have missed you Mike”. She said.

She planted kisses on my lips before I could say a word. Eventually we ended up having seix . It felt good seeing Sandra and making love to her.

Unclad on the couch cuddling. I told her all that has been going on since she left, she listened in silence. All the while I spoke she was deep in thought.

” what’s it sweetie? “. I asked.

” I think we should leave this country. I think you can never achieve much here “. She said, still looking distant in thought.

” we? Am afraid of your husband. And that reminds me, what happened between you guys ? ”

” you mean between I and my husband? ” she asked.

” yeah ” .

” well, he threatened to kill me if I.. ” she paused, sat up and I joined her. Then continued. ” …if I ever meet with you again “.

Fear gripped me to the spine. I tried to control myself not to reveal how I truly felt.

” what if his boys tracks you down here with me? The last time I saw hell, I wouldn’t want to be killed this time ” I said silently.

” I am making plans for us to leave this country, you and i”.

” how do you plan to on doing that! ” I asked.

” it’s going to cost just money “. She shrugged.

” am talking about your husband.” I said, moving a little away from her.

” sweetheart, I told you, I can handle him! Leave him for me. ” she said, holding my arms.

Sandra dropped me off at the front of my house and drove off. I went in to meet Ruth in the sitting room. She was home early and this troubled me.

” what are you doing home early? ” I asked, sitting beside her.

She moved away from me. I looked at her in shock.

” what’s it dear? ” I asked.

” so you went to visit Sandra again right? ” she said in a low ominous tone.

I adjusted myself, and tried to think of a perfect lie but my brain was too empty to grasp one.

She suddenly started raining insults on me but she crossed the line when she used the help she has been rendering us to insult my family. This infuriated me that I went out of my mind.

” So that is what this is all about right? Alright, calculate all you have spent on me and my family, am going to pay you back and get the hell out of my house! ” I yelled.

She suddenly discovered her mistake and started begging, this time I was raged, I began pushing her out of our house. My mum who heard my voice ran upstairs to know what was going on, she met us at the staircase . I refused to tell her what happened, instead continued pushing Ruth out.

” please beg him for me, am sorry Mike ” she begged as she cried, holding my mum.

My mum who is fund of her stood for her defense. She dragged her into her room and shut the door. I was so angry I had to leave the house so as not to do what I will regret. I went straight to Sande’s house.

I was about to knock when I heard Sandra calling my name, she was on a call. so I listened to what she was saying.

” Mike really loves me.” . This made me smile. so I listened on. ” even what you and your boys did to him he still didn’t sell me out, that kind of guy is rare….yes…. That my husband is the general?….. Hahahaha…. It scares the sh!t out of him…. I am going to settle with this one….. Yes… He is the one….. I can deal with that…. Which general ?” she laughed hysterically ” …yes… I know…. OK… Thanks. I will pay in something, but your boys were too hash on him. … I understand…. ”

I couldn’t listen anymore so I opened the door and walked in.




To be continue


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