STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E42

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I went straight to Ruth’s apartment. Candy was home, so she let me in.

” Mike, what is it?!”. She enquired. Looking at me as if I have gone nuts.

” I need water! ” I said erratically, sitting on the bed.

She quickly brought the water looking worried. I collected it swiftly and drank it in a hurry. Immediately I was done, I brought out my phone, dialed my mum’s number but she still wasn’t picking.

“mum isn’t picking her phone!” I said standing, walking restlessly around the room.

Candy followed me around worried.

” Mike, what is the problem?! ”

I told her about all that happened. She sat down, folded her legs with her hands between her thighs listening to me in silence. When I was done she said :

” Mike, you need to surrender to Christ. All these that are befalling you is as a result of your reckless lifestyle”.

I looked at her with scorn in a kind of Kettle calling pot black way. But she ignored it and continued :

” since I became who I am, I have been free from all these troubles”. She paused, thought of something then continued. ” come to think of it, why should you fight a man of god even if he’s fake. You have no right to lay your hands on him Mike “. She sounded angered than scolding.

” please, I don’t need one of your boring sermons right now! ” . I said as I sat at the extreme end of the bed.

She stood up, came to where I was and sat close to me, cross her hand round my neck. I looked at her suspiciously.

” Mike, you need to understand that it pays to serve God”. She said leaning on my shoulder.

I ignored her statement, tried my mums number again. She looked at me in as though surprised and said.

” who are you calling ?”.still leaning on my shoulder.

” it’s mum. ” I answered , putting the phone on my ear. ” oh it’s ringing “. I said, jerking up excitedly.

I listened to it silently as it rang. Suddenly mum answered. I stood up abruptly.

” hello ma “. I said.

” it’s OK my son. It has been resolved, thank god you weren’t around they would have dealt with you “. She said.

” what about you, how are you? ”

” am on my way home. They couldn’t arrest me coz I wasn’t the one at fault, moreover they treated the issue eventually as misunderstanding.

” did they collect money from you? ”

” yes they did. The prophet charged you for assault. I begged him alongside those o elderly men with you earlier, before he agreed to drop all charges but with a condition. I paid for my release, even though I wasn’t arrested. And I was made to sign an undertaken, and an agreement to pay for all the spoilt things during the brawl. ”

” ha! You don’t mean it?!” I asked punching the wall with my free hand.

” we will talk later, am on my way home. ” she said and hung up.

I felt so bad that I have cost my mum another expenses this period we could barely feed.

Candy walked up to me, where I was resting my head on the door, slightly hitting it. She held me on my waist from behind and rested her head on my back

” it’s okay Mike. It’s well. Just believe god. ” candy said.

I felt like kissing her, but I just controlled urge and pulled myself away from her to sit on the bed. She followed me and sat on my thighs. It was becoming a kind of game she is up to.

” what are you doing following me around? ” I asked bewildered.

She adjusted herself well on my thighs, crossed her hands round my neck and said.

” don’t be afraid, I don’t want to sleep with you, am just trying to console a broken brother “.

“If you are not trying to tempt me directly, you succeeding indirectly. ” I said, gently taking her hands off my neck and standing up.

She held my hand. Stood up and faced me. I was confused at this moment. I wondered what was she really up to.

” Mike, stop walking away from me. Am not going to bite”. She said as she gently pushed me back on the bed.

I laid back, wondering what she’s planning. So I kept still. She lied on top of me. Rested her head on my chest. Her whole body fitted right on my body. She started stroking my hair. I still kept my cool, but my junior was reckless. I felt she started feeling the kick and liked it.

” what are you up to Candy? ” I asked amusingly.

” just helping a brother in distress “. She said, still stroking my hair.

” and by seducing me? “.

She just smiled and said nothing. Suddenly she raised herself a little and started kissing my neck.

” Candy what are you doing?! ”

” just relax”. She whispered, and continued kissing my neck.

Her therapy helped, I was relaxed and crazily aroused.

Her little pointed boobs were visible from under the collar of her white large singlet as she raised herself to kiss my neck . Even her undies that were covered by the singlet were now unclad.

I couldn’t curtain this anymore, so I went for it, I grabbed her and kissed her hungrily. She pushed me off her and stood up from my body. I followed her abruptly wondering what went wrong.

” how could you Mike?! ” she raged.

” how could what?! ” I sounded utterly befuddled.

” how could you do this to my sister?! ” she barked.

” how could you tempt your sisters boyfriend?!” I threw back.

” me?! Tempt you? I was only trying to get you relaxed not knowing you’re an immature adult.”. Her tone emitting contempt.

” please Candy, don’t insult me” I said, trying to control the anger stirring in me.

Just then my phone rang. Sandra was the caller. My heart skipped a beat, I composed myself before answering not noticing Candy’s inquisitive gaze.



To be continue


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