STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E41

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” what is your problem young man? Don’t you know if not for my timely intervention these men would have leached you. Why would you be fighting a man of god, is that not madness?! ” the man said.

” and you think you can fight every one right?! “. One of the elderly men said.

” would you guys allow me explain myself?! ” I said impatiently.

” go ahead! ” the first man said.

I told them all that happened between the prophet and us. How we sold everything to raise the money and my brother is still in prison.

” and you thought it wise to come and fight the prophet? ” the third man said.

” you won’t blame a child for doing what he feels is right to defend his family “. Mum who has been standing behind the men said as she surfaced and stood beside me.

” and what if the child did is utterly wrong and you know it” the first man said in anger.

Debate ensued between the men and mum afterwards . I just stood innocently in the middle of the fight.

Suddenly, I sighted the prophet approaching from a distance looking overly raged with four armed men in mufti . I quietly snuck into the crowd without their notice as debaters were busy shouting on top of their voices and onlookers engrossed with the fight . As soon as I was of sight, I ran fast as I could out of the building till I got far away from the premises.

While I was rushing off to catch a cab, I decided to put a call across to mum to know what was happening, but she wasn’t answering. I tried severely, yet no response. Then I decided to return to the church.

The minute I approached the gate of the church, I received a text message from mum just in time to warn me not to surface from wherever I am. But I wasn’t comfortable until I see what’s going on. So I snuck into the building, the whole place was in ruckus therefore no one took notice of me.

I searched all through for mum she wasn’t anywhere in sight. I couldn’t risk going close to the main building, so I walked around the building looking into the church but she wasn’t there. I decided to call again but she wasn’t picking. So I met a little boy and asked if he knows what happened to the lady whose son fought with the prophet. The boy told me the police men took her away. I felt really horrible hearing this, it was all my fault.

On my out someone shouted. ” that’s him! thats him!! Get him! Get him!! “. I didn’t bother to see who, I just took to my heels. Two guys rushed to close the entrance to prevent my escape. I looked at my back to see some people running towards me. So I ran towards the fence, jumped and held the top, pulled myself up, just as I was about to cross my legs over a guy caught one of my legs and pulled it. I almost fell, but I held strong, landed the other leg hard on his face, he moved backwards given me the chance to jump down on the other side.

I ran into a nearby bush and came out from the other side to the main road. I quickly flagged down a commercial cyclist ,jumped in and we were off before I sighted some of the church members surfacing from the bush.




To be continue


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