STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E38

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On my way to Amaka’s place. She called and instructed me to wait for her some distance away from her house. So when I got there I called to inform her that I was waiting. She kept me waiting for three hours, and when I was frustrated and made up my mind to leave, then I saw her car driving towards my direction.

” hope I didn’t keep you waiting?” she asked smiling as I entered the car.

” where are we going to? ” I said ignoring her question.

She looked at me and smiled without saying a word. We drove a lot long distance and eventually she made a turn to a guest house.

It was a very simple guest house far away from the main town. I wondered why she chose here of all places. So I hinted her that I had told a friend of my coming to see her,( just in case she plans something funny ) she just smiled and said nothing.

She booked for a night and ordered for a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. . We entered the room, a simple one with everything in it as simple as possible.

Amaka laid on the bed still not saying anything to me. I put on the box TV and sat beside her watching a local chanel news. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, I went to get it. It was the receptionist with our drink and glasses. I took it from him and dropped it on a small table beside the bed.

” please help me, a full glass.” the first word she spoke since we got there.

I poured her a full glass, and poured for myself, gulped it in one swallow and poured another one again, this I also gulped in two swallows. Then took the third glass gently.

Amaka was clad in a long traditional flowered maternity gown. She sat up, took a sip from her glass, then took off her gown. She was bare under, no bra or panties. She laid back on the bed and said .

” I want you to s–k me boy. I just want you to eat my honey pot. ”

I looked at her, already I was tipsy, I knew I came for a dirty job so I was prepared for anything. I didn’t forget my traditional herb that gives me the go. So I was sure to leave an impression.

I took off my top, threw it on the floor, loosened my belt, pull off my jean and boxers together. I noticed Amaka was looking at me seductively.

” oh my gosh! You have really added weight since we last saw. And you seem to be working out. Wow! ” she said, biting her lips fixing her eyes on me seductively.

I went straight to spreading her legs, in my drunkenness I supposed her honeypot became as sweet as candy coz I almost chew every piss of it. Amaka moaned crazily jerking herself up and down. I deep my fingers as I ate her simultaneously. One in her joyhole another in her butt hole with my face buried under her visiting the holes I drilled and back to its station.

” bleep me!! Bleep me!!! Please… Bleep me! ” she said through her loud moaning.

I positioned her and dug my joystick in her. I was crazy this time coz I was drunk. I pounded like never before. She cried, bite, fart , hit, moaned her loudest I didn’t care, I just kept doing my thing. Eventually I came. She rushed my joystick and started s—–g. She s—-d for a while until life came back into it.

I took a long drink from the bottle of whiskey and went back to pounding. I kept drinking as I drunkenly gave all my weight in each t—-t. We visited every position we can think of.

She suddenly jumped off me jerking on a side of the bed. I didn’t know what that meant I just went to her, laid on top her and tried to pound her again. She then pushed me away asking me to stop. I was terribly drunk, I just laid on the bed resting. She remained that way for some time then came to cuddle me.

I began feeling nauseous, then I pushed her aside ran to the bathroom and started vomiting in the toilet. She ran after me ,stood behind me as I offloaded all in my tummy into the toilet.

” take water ” she said, handing me a bottle of water.

I took it from her, rinsed my mouth, stood up, she supported me to the bed. I laid facing down, the room started turning crazily. She poured some very cold water on my head and asked me to drink. I did and laid back. After a while i dozed off.

I woke up to find her sleeping beside me. She laid under the duvet as so was I. I looked at the time it was 9pm. I rushed to my phone to call home, but discovered it was on a message. I read a sent message that was on display and it read:

‘hello mum, I can’t make it back home today. Don’t worry about me, am fine, am with a friend.’

I saw four missed calls from Ruth. I quickly returned the call.

” hello” I was careful not to mention the name in front of Amaka so as not to put Ruth in trouble.

” hello Mike. Where have you been?! Mum said you sent her a text that you’re at a friends, which of your friends?! ” she said sounding worried.

” I am at a friend of a friends party. We just went there unplanned . ” I lied.

” you should have called to tell me at least. Have you had something to eat? ”

” yes dear. ” I lied so she won’t have to worry herself.

” can I see you tomorrow morning before going to work? ” she asked.

” don’t wait for me please, If I can I will come on time, but don’t wait for me. ”

” I miss you so much Mike ” she said.

” I miss you too”

” alright baby, I love you ” she said.

” me too, sweet dreams” avoiding the love word coz of Amaka. Then I hung up to avoid another implicating comment from her.

Amaka was already up. So I went to her, sat on the bed beside her. My intention was to discuss why I came there in the first place. But she spoke before me.

” I want you again Mike ” she said touching my thighs.

I looked at her in disgust, gently removed her hand and said.

” please can we discuss why we came here in the first place? ” I said.

” you mean the one million? I haven’t forgotten about it. Just come and do it to me again “. She said and started kissing my thighs up to my joystick.

I moved back a little from her.and said.

“Please can we just talk a little?”

She looked at my face, kissed my tummy, up to my chest and held the back of my head putting her forehead on mine and said.

” Mike, do you know you are so handsome? ”

She kissed my lips gently. I tried to free myself but she held me tight, my bleeping rod this time refuced to respond. She just ignored it continued kissing me. I finally gave in, perhaps when we are done she may listen to me.

After kissing for a while, she bent down and gave me head. Yet my bleeping rod refuced to respond. She bent under me, licked from my balls to my anus and back to the rod. Gradually life entered it again. I went on for a long time pounding but slowly and erotic. She held me tight with her legs moaning gently, kissing me as I went on missionary. After a while she held on me tighter jerking, as she jerked liquid like urine poured out from her private part. (squirted). she screamed and bit her lips jerking. Then suddenly she sagged on the bed breathing.

I left her, went to get water to drank. My bleeping rod still stood at attention,but that didn’t bother me. I have done what I came for, at least she has squirted four times today.

I sat at the edge of the bed looking at her as she laid quietly on my side. I didn’t bother to disturb her. After a while she came back to me, rested her head on my thighs.

” how do you do it? ” she asked.

” do what? ” I replied.

” make me feel this way, it’s very hard for anyone to make me feel this way, even now I just put to bed, am supposed to be loose but you satisfied me still. Mike, I can’t lose you ” she said resting her head on my thighs.

I felt my ego flying higher into the sky. But I just kept my cool. Now it’s time to talk about my business.

” how can you help me? I really need that money to help my brother, he is in a critical condition right now . I can pay you back some how, just tell me how, anyhow I’ll do it. “I said .

She raised her head from my thighs and said said:

” can we discuss this in the morning? Am tired I want to sleep. ”

she moved away from me, covered herself with the duvet backing me and slept off.



To be continue


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