STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E36

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When I woke up it was already 2pm yet I felt very tired still. I reached for my phone and saw 15 missed calls. 5 from Ruth, 2 from Sandra and 8 from Amaka. There was also a text message from Amaka:

Hello Mike, I am waiting for you at home. I guess you’re still asleep or ignoring my calls. Please call back.

I looked at it in disgust. Then called Sandra, the phone ranged out, I tried again, yet she didn’t pick up. So I decided to call Ruth. It rang not up to twice and she picked.

” hello Mike ” Ruth said.

” hi Ruth. I saw your missed calls. ”

” just checking up on you. I wanted to know if you have had breakfast and I also wanted to tell you that I left some change under the television for you, just incase you need anything. ” she said.

” oh… ” I felt horrible that I love Sandra Instead of Ruth. And Ruth has but kind and supportive since we met.

” have you taken anything? ” she asked.

” not yet ” I said.

” please take the money and get what you need ”

” why do you have to do that Ruth? I have some money ” I said.

” I know, but you have been out of job for a while now, you will need money. ”

” please dear, I am fine. ” I insisted.

” Mike, please accept it. I beg you. ”

” OK. But please don’t do that again. I don’t want you giving me money” I said surprising my pride.

” thanks dear. I have to run. ” she said and hung up.

I am richer now than when I worked. Sandra sends me alert almost every week. And now Ruth is trying to add to it. I wasnt comfortable with Ruth’s gift, her salary isn’t much and she doesn’t have any other means of income.

I went to the shower, had my bath wore something casual like a T-shirt and Jean and went to mum’s shop.

” good afternoon mum. ” I said sitting down on a bench behind her.

Mum turned, left her sawing on the machine and faced me.

” you this boy, I think joblessness has affected you crazy. Instead making a fool out of yourself drinking and getting drunk why not make yourself useful by selling for me here”. She said.

” me, here? I will spend up your money o ” I said laughing.

” this is not a laughing thing, you are becoming something else, always entering one trouble or the other, now your friend is dead because of you and you were almost killed by those low life soldiers. Isn’t it time you think of learning a trade? I and your dad will join heads to together and see how we can raise you some capital. Think about it my son. ” she said.

” I think I like the trade thing, but I can’t do any petty or roadside business o ” I said frowning.

” look at this stupid boy. How old are you? Sit down there and suggest for Mr President to close down the country’s account for your sake. ” she said, turned to the sewing machine and continued her sewing.

I stood up and said.

” mum, I want to see a friend ”

She turned to me and said.

” hope is not your team of drunkards again? ”

” no. It’s about a job ”

” now wait! ” she called me back. ” what about Amaka and my grand child? ”

” she is trying to reason with me, she called earlier. ” I said.

” are you serious? Finally. What got into her? ” mum’s eyes widened and her lips pressed together.

” I don’t know o. I may drop by at her place and see why she called. ” I said walking out.

” please be careful o. And don’t eat anything from her so she doesn’t bewitch you, I don’t like that lady ” mum said frowning.

I tried Sanda’s number again and it was switched off. That seem strange because her number hardly goes off. I wanted to tell her about my intended visit to Amaka’s .So I left a message.

I was at Amaka’s place. The house seem deserted. I felt conscious. I sat in the sitting room waiting for her. My phone rang, it was Amaka calling.

” hello” I said.

” come to my room ” she commanded as usual.

” no! You come downstairs ” I said.

” please Mike, I am Unclad, I can’t come that way, come please. ” she soften her voice.

” look. I am not here for your games. I had important things I was doing before I came here, if you plan on wasting my time I will just leave!” I said and hung up.

Few minutes later a short fat fair lady was walking down the stairs. She was clad in just a mini transparent pink cover upon a mini transparent light milky night gown, and a red thong underwear inside. Her mighty boobs dangled on her fat folded tummy. And her big thighs robed on each other as she walked. I looked at her, she was so not appetising. ” so this is what I have been bleeping? ” I reasoned.

” hello Mike. ” she said smiling.

Her face is beautiful, and she has a lovely smile too. Her lips are thick and reddish from a red lipstick. Her eyes are bold and charming. She has a full eyebrow that were well groomed and fat cheeks. Her nose is pointed and small with also a small jaw and thick neck.

” hello” I said.

She walked and sat on the hand rest of the chair where I sat.

” you look well. like you have been walking out. Look at that biceps so strong .” she said touching my arm. ” wow, your chest are broader than the last time we saw, I’d love to see you Unclad” she said in a very sexy voice touching my chest.

” please I am here for the baby ” I said removing her hands and moving away from her.

She looked at me as if to get angry, then smiled. She walked to the bar. Her buttocks were so big and folded, I was surprised that I was fascinated by it.

She brought out two glasses. Poured full from a whiskey in them. Then walked to where I sat, handed me a glass smiling and looking into my eyes. I took the glass and dropped it at a side of the chair.

She went to the home theatre in front of me , bent down to operate it. Her massive butt was facing me and her clothes rose , so that half of her buttocks were unclad to my view. My rod responded rapidly, I just felt stupid feeling this way towards this lady. Maybe I have been bewitched or cursed.

She spent time doing what she was doing. Finally, the music played. It was a song by Brian Adams ‘please forgive’. She stood, slowly turned and started dancing erotically towards me. Her dancing felt awkward because of her size but sexy at the same time. I didn’t know why I was beginning to find her attractive.

She spread her legs and sat on my thighs. I imagined that since she is a lactating mother her boobs must be filled with milk. This some how brought me back to my senses.

She crossed her hands on my neck, her perfume were so sweet and seductive. Her head rested on shoulder as she gently started kissing my neck and ears. The music, her Perfume and her big buttocks completely paralyzed me. All I would do was say. ” I want to see the baby ” and she kept replying ” I know, you will ” still kissing me. Her kiss felt sweet and relaxing. So I just laid back and enjoyed it.

Then suddenly, the baby started crying. My savior! That quickly awakened me.

” the baby I said ” jerking up and pushing her slightly away from me.

I stood up and demanded to see my baby. She hesitated and finally agreed. Few minutes later she came with the boy. He looked so much like me. She handed him over to me. I felt so happy and fulfilled. She stood beside me hugging my neck from behind resting her cheek on my on mine . I didn’t bother because I finally have my baby.

” mike” she called. Still resting on me. ” I want you to make love to me today! ” she commanded.

” not today my dear ” I said still cuddling the baby.

” you can always come around if you want, but I want you to make love to me now ” she commanded, sounding more like the Amaka I know.

This got me so angry that I stood up with the baby. Looked at her with a boiling eyes.

” even if I wanted to, right now you commanded me I won’t. I thought you said you can get any guy you wanted? Go get any guy you want and leave me the hell alone! ” I yelled, still carrying the baby.

She fixed her eyes on me as if she was planning to attack. Then she smiled and said.

” this is why I fell for you. You are a man! I love men who are good in bed, strong, smart and one not easily controlled by a woman. You are all of them, that’s why I want you badly, you bring out the woman in me. ” she said in a submissive tone that felt strange to me.

” please ma.. Amaka, I am very tired. I barely slept last night, can we keep this some other time? ” I said.

She looked at me for a while as if deciding on what to do. Then sat on one of the chairs and said

” OK! ”

” do you admit now that he’s my boy? ” I said still cuddling the baby standing.

” you think he’s yours? ” she said, looking at her nails.

” of course I know “. I replied in shock.

She looked at me and said nothing.

My phone rang, i handed the baby over to her and answered.

” hello ”

” hello Mike, my husband is around. I have to run back. He’s asking after me.” Sandra said.

” when? ” I said.

” this morning. Am on my way right now. I called earlier but I guess you were asleep”

” poo! ”

” don’t worry, I will call you as soon as I resolve issues with him. I know it’s about you and I. But don’t worry, I can handle him. ”



To be continue


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