STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E35

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 35

“Isn’t that Sandra?” Ruth said trying to conceal her jealousy.

My mind ran 360 as I perused through my archive of lies but found non, so I had no choice but to admit it.

” yeah, she picked me up on my way here” I said casually, walked to her and held her hand. ” sweetie you look stunning! ” I said trying to flatter her.

She blushed and looked at me.

“you look tired. Did you sleep last night? ” she said, her tone depicting worries. ” or have you been engaged in a sex rump with Sandra?” Her tone gradually changed into suspension.

” my dear it’s hangover. you’re late for work! Why are you still home by this time? ” I said, changing the topic

“yeah… I was waiting for you. ”

I felt so horrible , my conscience pricked me so bad, but I tried to hide it.

” lemme see you off dear”. I said.

” you think you are smart? ” she said smiling suspiciously at me.

” how do you mean? ” I asked.

” you know what am talking about Mike, stop playing smart its not working “.

I didn’t know how to defend myself, so I decided to play the blame game.

” so that’s why you refused to call to know if I was dead right? You didn’t do well Ruth”

She looked at me in a very annoying way and said.

” what’s that Mike?! The blame game? ”

I tried so hard not to reveal any guilt or feelings that will sell me out. So I said.

” what do you mean by blame game? I expected you to call me this morning Ruth, I wanted to see a missed call from you to show me you care. ”

” and me waiting for you is what Mike ?!” she said looking in my face as if to get a clue.

” yeah…. That was… Was cool”. I said confused, She placed me off balance with that last question. My guilt poured out like a spilled milk.

” admit it Mike, you were with Sandra ” she said in a pathetic way.

I didnt say anything, I just kept pacing into the sky scratching my beards.

” Mike I love you. I love you, why do you keep doing this to me?!” she said as tears clouded her eyes.

” I told you I wasn’t with Sandra!” I screamed. “Alright wait, lemme call philo. ” I said scrolling through my phone looking for philo’s number that hasn’t been in use for long. ” here ” I said, giving the phone to her. ” dial it to confirm. ”

She just looked at me for a while and said.

” I don’t need to confirm anything, I was just praying you didn’t tell me you were with her, it’s okay, I believe you. Am going to work. “.

After seeing Ruth off, I stopped to get energy drink from a store when my phone rang. It was Amaka calling. I wandered what she wanted.

” hello” I said.

” hello Mike. Long time. ”

” what do you want?! ”

” come on Mike! Dont be a boy! ”

” boy you said?! After using me and sacking me you are calling me a boy?! ” I said.

” come on Mike. Let’s put the past behind us.”

” I am not! You did a lot to me, you don’t expect me to forget it easily “.

” I know, am sorry. Please come to my place am alone today “.

” like seriously?! Are you high or something?! ”

” am not ” she laughed and continued. ” I miss you Mike . I love how you handle me”

” please am not in for games. ” I said and hung up.

I was so angry that I started cursing. The little boy selling looked at me as though I have lost it.

I collected the items and started strolling back when a text rang on my phone. I opened it, it was Amaka, and the text read :

Mike am sorry, please forgive me, I was being childish.

I looked at my phone and let out a loud laugh. I put back the phone in my pocket and headed home.

I sat in the sitting room watching a movie trying to catch a sleep. When suddenly my phone rang. It was Amaka again.

” what do you want?! ” I said in a tired voice.

” I want you Mike. I thought I could replace you, but I discovered no one has the capacity as you do. You are a gift to women. Please just forgive all I did to you.” she said sounding really apologetic.

This really shocked me. What happened to the ever ranting, abusive arrogant Amaka?.

” are you ready to acknowledge that the child is mine? ” I said, trying very hard not to mention that I know anything about the baby .

” about that, we can resolve it when you come. Please Mike, I need you. I feel as if I am under a spell or something. But I have investigated it, it isn’t spell its natural. Please Mike. ”

I was too tired to argue or think. She meant nothing to me now, Sandra gives me enough money and sex but I need my sleep at the moment, so I said.

” alright. Am about to sleep, I went for a vigil last night, talk to you when am up. ”

” OK. I will be waiting for your call. Sleep well ” she said and hung up.

Three women on my neck. Now Amaka has fallen for my spell too. I don’t see any need for investigating her anymore since she has yielded. So I made up my mind to visit her when I wake up




To be continue


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